Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

But a tablet has no keys.

The significant allergen right now is mulberry. It is in full bloom. Of course I don't need the news lady to tell me. We have two larger-than-life mulberry trees on the property. *sniff* This weekend is going to be bad for Doc, who is really allergic to mulberry, because we have to trim those trees.

Okay, I got that thought out, now I have to go fight with Microsoft because suck.

I use Windows Live Essentials for mail, video and photo stuff. The junk mail filter is just easier to use than any other I've found in the mail program, so I use that. Yesterday it stopped working. So I started working closely with the Windows website on this issue. I had to uninstall it, remove a couple hundred hidden files the uninstaller didn't catch, so I did that. Then I tried to reinstall Live Essentials. You can't deal with these programs individually, you have to do them as a group. So I reinstalled it. It said I needed administrator permission, which surprised me because I ran the installer as the administrator.

Back to the Windows website. They suggest stuff. I do the stuff. No change.

I fucked up the video on youtube of Chewy and TeenyTulip when I changed the music on it, and I wanted to remake it today. I need Live Movie Maker to do that. I'm not going to learn Premier in 20 minutes just to fix one video 5 people have seen.

Today's special, non-working letter is "s". This issue is really starting to piss me off. I'm actually starting to wish I did have a tablet. No, Bollux, I'm kidding, I love you best. You are my laptop, my one and only true techno love. But a tablet has no keys.

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