Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

nom nom nom nom nom

la la la. i think i'm going to purge my twitter today and start over. i'm sick of facespace, but i have somehow populated twitter with people i don't like. or don't care to know. none of them ever retweet me or favorite me, half of them don't post. time to get rid of the flotsam. and get more news on it. i'll do that today. yesterday was archiving. today it's twittering. who knows what i'll do tomorrow.

spring is here. i can comfortably say that here in Vegas. It's going to be 80 again this week. Still no appreciable rain here on our side of the valley, but it will come.

i got doc talked out of trying to replant the lawn out back. it was a fool's errand. the soil isn't. it's sand. with a base of clay. and because of the poisoning of the pine needles from the biggest tree in the neighborhood, it is very acidic. better people than us have tried to do it. and failed miserably and i don't want to throw time and money away.

so i talked him into wooly thyme. it grows in the conditions we have, with the watering we're willing to do. he is not convinced for his side of the yard, but he gave me half of the yard, to the right of the biggest tree in the neighborhood to do with what i wanted. so the side of the house and yard will be wooly thyme. if i can keep the cats from digging it up.

and i'm allowed to do something with the side of the shed. YAY! I can't paint it, though I'd love to, so I will get a big, solid colored sheet I don't mind having fade in the sun. I think I have a green one. we spend so much time in the back yard, we should enjoy it. and we plan on being here the length of the life of the thyme, so it's an investment in our own future, not someone else's.

okay, i didn't think making music with a PC would be so complicated. on a Mac I would have Garageband. i'm looking at Propellerhead's Reason. watching tutorials on it and such. it is frying my brain. i just want to play with music. though I have learned how to improve the quality of my spoken word recordings in Audition. I want to play around and see if i can at least put some beats to my work. i'm not looking to get on the top 40. i just want to mess around with sounds.

doc is coming home with pie crust and half and half. i'm making two quiches today. i should go steam the broccoli and shred the cheese in preparation. i'm hungry and i don't know if i can wait. nom nom nom.

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