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I have been waiting for this day for months. The rain is supposed to start around 10 this morning. I've cleared off my memory cards and I am recharging batteries for the cameras now. I may take the cam outside and set it up to look at the rain, as well. I got a sudden influx of new Japanese fans from a new search engine that has spotted my site. So I need something to put the cam on.

It was weird, I got up and was up all of yesterday evening, which never happens anymore, and then I slept until 6 this morning. It was so strange to wake up with the sun coming up, even though it was through the clouds.

Doc added to our grown-up collection. All the spare cash we had this month went to hardware, it was wonderous! We got one of those stick, blade and rope tree pruning tools. And a hatchet. And a shovel. And a jigsaw. Plus the chainsaw we got a couple of weeks ago. And a couple of clamps for my building/crafting madness. Oh, yeah, and I almost forgot the jumper cables! And air compressor. We're adults, we have TOOLS.

We're going to get a giant terra cotta pot and make a pond in it, I found it on pinterest, and I think I can do it. We're also going to build cheap frames for the futons to go outside. I've decided on futons and low tables on the patio, chairs and higher tables out by the fire pit. Doc and I went through all my patio pins and talked about what I wanted to do and how much I thought it would cost if we got the stuff at the flea market, because most of the stuff I liked was up-cycled. There was this rake head, with dried flowers woven into it, and it was hung on a door. So simple, but gorgeous and rustic. I have the flowers Doc got me for Valentine's day drying on the patio now for it.

I've decided I want a smartphone. It's cheaper than getting another computer, and I just want it for social media and taking pictures and texting kelli and doc. doc is a sprint customer and they are having that great special on friends and family multi-line accounts. so i'm about to start shopping for smartphones. i don't want anything too fancy, just web, and camera. doesn't have to have a lot of memory, i won't be storing music on it or even photos long term. i want an instagram account, dammit.

hmmm. . . if doc signed up for easy pay, he could upgrade his phone, and give me his current one. that would work for me. he would
get a new phone, and he really doesn't like his phone, and i could get one i'm used to using and it wouldn't cost us any extra money.

the next day . . .

there is a possiblity that I am going to get a tablet. I didn't really want a tablet but they are giving one away with the program we are signing up for. that will definitely solve the computer sharing problem. am I really going to be one of those people? My Nan has a tablet. she can't get along with her computer, so she got a tablet to use.

i feel like dren this morning. i got up at four and doc was on the computer and watching tv shows that i hate so i went in to bed. and i hate my bed. it takes me an hour to get over the stiffness and aches from sleeping on it. now i'm up and unhappy and doc is cleaning the kitchen.

you know, on a tabet, the keys won't stick. there are no keys. now I just have to see if i can get him to the sprint store. this is all just wishful thinking without that. and i hope he's not just letting me talk about it without intending to actually do something about it.

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