Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

plans and plots

FUCK. I am so mad at Doc right now. He didn't bring milk home yesterday, and he wouldn't go back out and get any. And his milk, what little is left, is so-o-o-o sour. I just drank almost a full cup of coffee before the puking started. I thought it didn't smell quite coffee-ish, but I just figured it was because I am slightly stuffed up. No pot. No coffee. No happy. I need to make some hemp cookies today and freeze them so I have them for times like this. So my anger with Doc isn't really at Doc, it's at the milk.

And he's had his own thing going on this week. He came home from work monday and asked me what we would do in the short term if he got fired. It completely freaked me out, but I didn't let him see it. We talked and he went in Tuesday and worked it out. Then yesterday something else happened and he spent the day outside weeding the weed patch. Not weed as in pot, just a patch of nothing but weeds. They are all that grows on our "lawn". Taking them out is just an exercise in futility.

Today the "L" key is stuck. So it's moved down from the "o" key. I wish I could take these keys off and clean under them.

So, I saw this picture . . . posted on Facespace, here, I'll post it here. I don't know who to credit it to, though.

We have two futon matresses that have to go outside because, bugs. And it would be simple and cheap to buy the wood, now that we have tools, and make some low reclined frames for them for outside. Then we can put them out at the fire pit, where I'm going to hang lights. And I might put a dark sheet up on the tin shed to hide it a bit. The roof of it looks ok, I may paint it black, but the white tin wall of it just makes me uncomfortable. So I'm going to cover the wall of the shed.

We are going to completely do up the back yard this year. I am planting flowers in the collection of terra cotta pots I have, Doc is planting grass, though I have no hope it will grow. I'm going to look for some kind of growing ground cover that is drought compatible, and see if we shoudnt' invest in that. We plan on staying here as long as we can afford it. I am painting the furniture so it all goes together. I'm hanging more fairy lights, and we already got the fire pit. I'm really excited about it. We never entertain, but we make things extra comfortable for ourselves.

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