Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

two things

First, a video of the pets, just because I have just now learned how to use my movie making software.

Second, a little poem I wrote for a contest. I hope you like it. It's part of my new self-branding as a left-wing nutjob. I'm blonde, I'm crazy, I should be a political pundit. The right shouldn't get all the Coulters and Becks and Limbaughs.

I'll Make Them Mine (Slavery)

Yeah, I can see it.
They say it is so bad now.
They compare America to
the death camps, but
for the rich. Ha!
If I had power?
I would round them all up
all the straight
I would round them all up
and find a use for them.
There has to be something
meaningful they could do.
Make food in a soup kitchen,
pick up trash, stock shelves.

Of course we would first
have to cut out all of their tongues.
To cut down on bribery attempts.
And seize all of their money and assets.
I could see it, if I had the power.
They would live in tenements
with no power or water.
They would be fed k-rations,
And separated from their families.

And we would make them work
like they never imagined they could.
With no medical care.
Till they dropped.
And we would laugh.
Who would object to making these
horses asses into work horses?
I say round them up
chain them up
lash them up and down.

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