Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the fillet is big enough to share if we have something with it.

allpoetry went down for two hours today and i turned into freaking martha stewart. how come we never hear about her anymore? shouldn't someone have outed her by now? i mean, the Guardian is outing Patrick Stewart for chrissakes, you'd think someone could nail down a real gay person.

i found a true talent today. i had him enter the slam contest. if things stay the way they are, he is definitely going to win.

someone soothed my fears and entered my political contest today. i was afraid i had gone too far with my left wing ideology and no one else would join in my chant. but someone really picked up the thread i was laying down and ran with it. fabulous piece.

i got a comment that i was repetitive and long winded in some of my work. ha! they should see my journal! i didn't bother explaining he was commenting on a spoken piece that was meant to be repetitive and long winded. Instead i wondered if maybe i could rework it and come up with an entirely new piece to go with the original.

Lelu started eating the cosequin laced food again. we just had to get her Friskies Turkey and Cheese. apparently that is the only thing she will eat now, unless the other cats are eating it, too. so we got her a case of Friskies Turkey and Cheese. She had better not change her mind again. heh. no, she won't. it's always been her favorite, i just consider it junk food so i resist feeding it to her regularly. but she won't eat the quality stuff anymore. fuck it. she's 15, she can have whatever she wants. if she wants fresh salmon sprinkled with cosequin, she'll get it. as long as she takes the medicine. i wonder if she's put it together that she eats the food/she feels better?

Major has started his nightly howl. i kicked him off the couch earlier, so i kind of knew it was coming. he's pissed and he wants attention. Felix and the dog are relieved i'm up, they are curled up/stretched out (it's something to see) on half of the couch. i have the other half with the laptop.

i made sugar cookies with cream cheese icing today. i will never make icing without a mixer again. especially this kind. it turned out all lumpy. it tastes good, it just looks like diseased purple goo. i think i'll sandwich the cookies so you don't have to look at the icing but still get to eat all the yummy goodness. like i said, turned into martha stewart while the site was down.

doc brought home cold roast chicken, so i made chicken salad for the week. and the cats and the dog loved the scraps. i keep forgetting i have a nice salmon fillet to cook. tomorrow. it's almost time to make home made mac and cheese again. it's been a month. i want to make a quiche, too. i have the pan now! it would really go well with the salmon . . . hmmm. doc and i are going to go get him a bed tomorrow, maybe we can drop by the store and get quiche makings and i'll make that and salmon for dinner. the fillet is big enough to share if we have something with it.

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