Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

someone should look into that

oh man, i hope some more people enter my "slam poetry" contest. the four entries i have are fucking awful. i posted the one. it isn't the worst, just the most incomprehensible. the only good piece isn't a great spoken piece. i've been trying it. i even tried it in an english accent to see if that helped. it didn't. neither did the eurotrash accent, though it made it amusing. there's no rhythm, no rhyme at all. if there's no rhythm, there has got to be some repetition, or rhyme, something to hook you. something to make you want to listen. i looked at the contest description and it is clear enough. i have a link, and examples, both written and video. what are these people thinking? is slam that hard to write? i don't think it is. but these four poems are . . . a mess. i mean really.

i got called out for my over use of the word "and" in my work. i know i use it too much, but i don't see it as a problem, it makes my work stand out. it's easier to identify my work if i have certain quirks. i didn't say anything back because i disagreed with her. in this case my use of and was to link a list of two things together. someone else got snipey and said they had no idea what i was talking about. i was listing purple things. i don't expect every one to get it. it was for a contest. but most of the feedback i get is really great. very positive.

i answered a few of my POF inquiries back today. there was one, a poet and writer who likes to go out. very promising. i wrote back to him. i can't believe they blocked my messages. that just blows me away. stupid fucks. i got one response from a chef who is looking for someone to hang out with after work at night. i'm up then, but i want to hang out in the evenings and not with someone who smells like food all the time. so i didn't write back. i'm not looking for a guy to have heart to hearts with over beers and pool. though that would be cool. if i met someone who could understand boundaries.

why is there no dating site for straight women and gay men? that's what i really need. some gay men. i was born to be a hag. someone should look into that.

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