Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

where else are you going to wear those silver lame heels?

i'm going to slow down on the poetry thing. i'm writing upwards of 6 poems a day, every day. and i forget them completely as soon as i write them. i was surfing through the new ones on and found pieces i swear i didn't write that are only a few days old. i've won prizes for poems i do not remember writing. i'm going too fast, isn't it a universal truth that something has to suffer for all of this productivity?

i just ate, finally. a bacon and cheddar sandwich on buttered toasted english muffin. it's so healthy.

later . . .

i have had my fill of cats. three of them slept on me, with the dog, all day. since i got up, five of them have jumped up in my lap and stepped on the computer or mouse at the wrong time (is there a right time?). what is going on? i had a cat on my face for two hours today while doc was out, until he came home and rescued me by putting Felix outside. The rest of them slept on my body and legs, Felix is the only one trying to kill me.

i stopped reading poems without punctuation today. stung by the woman who chastised me for mentioning her punctuation, i didn't want to write about it in the comments under, "Needs Improvement" anymore. but if i don't read the ones without punctuation, i end up not reading about 75% of the poetry on the site. people are really lazy. it's even more annoying than people who, as beezuschrist said, are just masturbating with a thesaurus. and that is all too common. when there is no meaning at all to the sentences or the poem as a whole, just a collection of pretty words, that lead to nowhere. the people who do that, they don't respond to or applaud my comments. i'm not out to troll or offend, i try to be tactful. so i'm going to go back to mentioning the punctuation as something that needs to be done. fuck them if they can't take it, i've had more people thank me and correct the problem and ask me to go back and re-read than i have had people who've bitched about it.

i still haven't made cookies. i may do that tonight. i wonder what doc did with the hemp butter. though, before i make them, i want his assurances he's not going to give them all away. i'm thinking of taking a couple dozen and freezing them for times of drought. and i'm making my ultra special, i love them so much, cookies with the butter because i think they will contain enough chocolate to kill the hemp taste. i hate the taste of hemp. I've decided to make the sugar cookie icing purple because it's my favorite color. i was going to do it green because kelli's birthday is our next holiday, and green is her color. but i decided to go with purple, to go with my valentine's flowers.

i gave the house a complete cleaning today. dusting and everything. took everything out of every wrong room and put it where it belonged. that was the biggest problem in the apartment, there wasn't enough "away" space. everything had to be out and piled up because there was no where for it to go.

Simon has an attitude problem with Bagira. and truth be told, Bagira could go live somewhere else, and as long as i knew he was taken care of, i wouldn't care. i have no attachment to him. neither does doc. he blames Bagira for chasing Jack away that night last year. we take care of him and pet him and love him, but he really means very little to us. he was foisted upon us, and he's an outdoor cat mainly, so we never really bonded. that being said, there is still no reason for Simon to have issue with him. Even when Bagira is outside on the patio, Simon will lounge at the sliding glass door and growl at him, for as long as i will let him, it is fun for him. it drives me crazy to have this growling cat, and he won't stop if i scold him. i have to spray him with water to get him to shut up. i don't understand what has gotten into these cats tonight.

Lelu won't eat her food with cosequin in it. we thought she may have gotten a bad batch of cosequin, but she won't eat out of her solo bowl at all anymore, only out of the main dish of gushy food. so i guess now we'll have to dose them all with cosequin. it can't do them any harm and may actually help some of them. it's just, why? it's not even a pain in the ass, it's actually easier to feed her with the rest of them. i just don't understand what is behind this sudden switch.

there is a small something on my keyboard that is really starting to piss me off. it keeps getting under the keys. i don't have normal keyboard keys, they are only attached in the center and kind of float above the keyboard, so things get under them. and something is traveling around the board, getting under different keys at different times. it was under the "o" and then the "." and now it's under the "?". i've tried canned air, i've tried qtips and paint brushes, i cannot get this bit of stuff out of my keyboard.

i have to stop now. i'm just angry in general at everything and it is effecting my typing negatively which is pissing me off more. good night.

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