Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

oh bother

i get a random notice, two months after it happened, that POF blocks copy/pasted messages. so all the messages i have sent out have not gotten to anyone. and i wondered why i wasn't hearing from anyone. so now, tonight, i will go and think of something clever to say to each of them. what a pain in the ass. "no one wants to get a message that 100 others have gotten" - balls. like a generic notification that "so and so wants to meet you" isn't repetitive and something 100s of other people have seen before. why do they get to click a button while i have to come up with something original over and over again? that seems a bit unfair. what do i want? it's free.


i still haven't eaten. i wonder why not. it's been over a day. and i've been eating a lot lately. doing a lot of cooking for myself. i'll tell a little lie and tell doc i ate toast so he feels better and doesn't start in on me. i know i need to eat, i'm not "neglecting" myself. my tummy is just really upset, moreso than usual. all thoughts of food sicken me. the idea of having something in my mouth breaking down while i chew it into mush is just too much for me to handle right now.

the guy who starred in "12 years a slave" and was snubbed by the American awards circuit, has just won the BAFTA in England. cool. someone appreciated his work. i can't believe how racist the awards shit is here.

i have six contests open and waiting for me to enter. now that i've been up a while i should be able to think my way through them.

Jesus, Chewy, you are not a cat! stop licking yourself! and then he turns on his puppy dog eyes. he perks his ears up, turns on the eyes and starts shivering when i'm mad at him. the shivering is voluntary, he does it when he's tied up outside and he wants me to think he's too cold to be out. he tried that with me today, usually i'm a soft touch. today it was 78 degrees. i didn't fall for it. not this time.

Major has become positively attached to me. when i'm not on the couch, he's in my spot. when i am on the couch, he's in my spot. and when i'm not cuddling him , he meows. even if i am actively petting him with both hands, he meows. a lot. i have to be holding him against my body in order for him to calm down and hush. and he still goes into my room and howls like he's being gutted alive. doc and i laugh but i see how it could be disturbing to someone who wasn't used to it. it was likely the reason he was abandoned at the shelter and would have led to a short life for him there. i'm glad we adopted him. his howling doesn't bother me a bit. i only get annoyed at him when it's bothering doc. i grew up breeding Siamese cats, i can handle cat noise. it's soothing to me.

the olympic medals this year are scary looking. they are just jagged abstract blobs. why? why is everything Russia does suck?

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