Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

regrets rage

i got into my first poetry snark fest. i just got a very lengthy reply from the person i was snarking with, and just closed it. not interested. someone else made a shitty comment to me and i'm just going to let it go. i've met five fuckheads so far on this site, and i've been on it three months. that's a pretty low ratio for an online community where people are forced to interact to participate. from now on i'm not even going to engage with anyone that isn't pleasant. there's no need to.

i made it to level 12 and they piled on the tasks. it's going to be at least a week until i level up again, but i made the three levels in three days like i wanted to, so i'm pretty happy about it. and just as my gold membership was about to expire, i got another one. so that's cool. i'm taking great pleasure in finding pictures either in my own collection or at the stock photo site and manipulating and watermarking them in photoshop that go with the theme of the poem. i posted two of myself. one where i looked really skinny because of the lighting and my hair, so i posted it over a poem about anorexia. and the other was a comic book rendition of me all zombified on haldol that one went over some delusional piece.

i've been posting some of the really old poetry i found. poetry i came here with. poetry that never got performed or published or posted. it was hidden away on my site in a terribly ugly and hard to read format, and now i'm bringing it back out and going over it and finding some really good pieces. between these and some of the ones i've been writing lately and so prolifically, i will have enough to do another book around the middle of the year. i won't do it until the other two are squared away, editing wise, but it's nice to know i have the material. one of the books will take off. one of them will get noticed.

anyway, with this really old stuff, i am finally getting the outside affirmation that it is quality. i'm getting more comments on it than i am on the mid-aged stuff from when i first got here until now. so the new stuff and the old stuff. the stuff done while crazy jealous or just plain crazy, not so popular. not surprising.

i have baking to do. cocoa hemp butter chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting. and i have salmon to pan fry. when i get hungry. i just haven't been in the past couple of days. my stomach has been more upset than usual. doc offered to get me tacos or a burger, but we have the stuff for tacos that would be infinitely better than take out and burger sounds gross right now. maybe i'll make nachos later. we're out of sour cream but we haveregrets rage

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