Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

early morning ramblings

when faced with a word prompt, i prepare. i google the word and read the first five entries that are germane. then i surf to the thesaurus and find some synonyms. then i write. on my desk in the studio i have a whole stack of thesauri and dictionaries i collected over the years. now i just look it up. heh. oh, the research papers i could write now. how i could do my homework in this day and age. i would be happy to go back to school now, everything is at your fingertips. no waiting outside the university library in the snow with your bag full of xeroxes, because of course you are in high school and can't check anything out, until your dad picks you up after the Shakespeare festival.

much excitement.

i can say that the Playtex pullover bras from Target are dreamy. I got mine tuesday. I don't even know i'm wearing it. that is the way a bra should be.

doc wants to make fresh blackberry waffles for valentine's day. cool. i don't like blackberries. i'll make him bacon to go with it and make myself a breakfast sandwich with the english muffins he splurged on. i only like thomas' english muffins and those suckers are as expensive as bagels. robbery!

So there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. we've been talking about a room mate so we can stay here longer. we need money. money to get me teeth so i can get a job so we can get money. but we are hard people to live with. we are used to being alone and ruling the house. we will not share it willingly with a stranger.

Home comes S. doc's closest friend in the Family. he is coming home from the midwest soon. and he will need a place to live. and doc bought his truck so he could help get that registered and drive it everywhere like he never gave it up. this will mean me spending more time in my room because he will have friends over and i won't want to interfere. and he'll have his video games. so as long as i get a cable box in my room and a wifi router, i'm good with it. i can spend my time between my room and the studio. i don't need to spend all my time in the living room. i just do because no one else is using it.

it would be so cool if S came to live here. it would mean parties all summer long. nice, calm, mellow parties where everyone just hangs out and laughs and drinks beer. we can open the side gate and direct people right into the back yard so there's no traffic through the house except the to the bathroom. we can get a bigger grill, which I'm sure S can procure and have big bbqs out back with our fire pit. our back yard is perfect for entertaining.

and if S was living here we would have the extra money for me to fix up the patio. a lot of the stuff i already have, but the paint for the chairs and the soil for the plants, and the plants themselves i need money for. then the patio would be a nirvana in a big happy yard. we could get a tin tub for ice and beer and old picnic tables for people to sit at.

S is a very talented scavenger. he can find anything cheap or free, given enough time.

so yeah, i'm really excited about him living here. we would have to buy the extra refrigerator from N and put it out in the garage, or on the patio, that would be cool. probably not efficient, though. the fridge they gave us when we moved in was the smallest they could possibly call a full sized fridge. it barely has enough room for our food. but he would find us a washer and dryer. and he would take me out. i would have my boyfriend problem all solved.

speaking of, i'm really annoyed with everyone on the POF site. the guys message saying they want to meet me. i guess they are expecting me to respond with an address i will be at, at their convenience. and i don't. i introduce myself. and i never hear from ANY of them again. these guys are not serious. or they are all seriously damaged. and i took the "no sex" thing off my profile, i can deal with that if i have to when the time arises.

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