Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

and it would kill me if i lost felix.

i told him i wanted chocolates, stuffed animals and flowers for valentine's day. i relented on the stuffed animal. i can't have any more stuffed animals, i have to keep the ones i have put away because of the bed bug thing. so flowers and chocolates it is! he wasn't even reluctant about celebrating valentines day for the first time since we got married. i'm excited. i like flowers. something to take pictures of.

i slept and read an actual book today. i'm reading the collected works of Anne Sexton. Poetry. good poetry. a nice break from what i'm reading on the site. i have this comment prepared for the person i find with great talent. but i never get to use it. one day. i will go comment on the poems in my contests so far, tomorrow. i increased the points prize in one of my contests that isn't getting many takers. it's a hard picture to be creative about that i used for a prompt. i am looking for something conceptual. i made it vague on purpose, i want the picture to take the writer someplace dark and damp and sepia toned.

the animals have really mellowed this winter. they have all been here at least 6 months now and they are just getting comfortable with each other. Chewy, Felix and Lelu and Major and TeenyTulip all curl up together for warmth and cuddles on the couch. it is getting time to renew their HomeAgain memberships for their microchips. and this summer i am taking advantage of the free clinics that the Animal Foundation does for rabies shots and microchips for those that aren't chipped. Like Felix. and it would kill me if i lost felix.

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