Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


i poetried myself out again.

time to finish designing the pages for my site so i can start coding. i'll brush up on my HTML, DW does most of it for me, but i like to know what i'm doing, not just rely on the wizard. i like to be able to go back in and read the code and tweak it when i can. that's why using WordPress just won't work for me. it's tweaking someone else's code. icky.

i've decided to change the font in "Stop Poking" to something less traditional. joy of publishing it myself. i have complete control over this. i have it narrowed down to three sans serif fonts and two serifs. it all depends now on how it looks all together, then i'll make the final decision. they all have basically the same character sets. that's the one problem with free fonts, they often don't have all the characters they can. i ran into that with the font i'm using for the graphics on my new site. i have had to splice in other characters from other, similar fonts.

the font manager i have now shows me the whole character set of each font, so i can avoid this kind of bullshit in the future. what a problem. i could easily go in and change all the graphics' fonts, but i don't want to. i like the font i'm using.

doc is out getting groceries. he's been gone over an hour. i've been awake for an hour and he was gone before i got up.

Chewy was good on his leash yesterday, so around 1 in the morning, we decided to let him out, bad idea. he was gone for an hour and a half. usually his trips are between 15 an 30 minutes. doc started to get dressed to go look for him when he came home. bad dog. so no more mixed signals. tonight when he whines to go out, doc won't be home and i can deal with his whining. i'll be sure to take him out for a walk around 10. have to be awake around 10.

i won another honorable mention in a contest. i'm glad i won something in this one, i tried hard with the poem. and it was a good piece. it deserved some recognition.

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