Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i may get to it

i am the Mad Poetry Commentor. I cannot be stopped. I can find something redeeming or something postive to say about any poem i read. and i proved that i can write fiction. there was a contest, and the prompt was a poem thankful to god for sparking an ember into a flame. i don't know how praise-ful i was, but i gave him credit.

i found all the old googie backgrounds. i chose a nice understated one for the bulk of the poems, and similar colored ones for new poems. i haven't started putting selfies on my work yet. i could go back and do that to all the stuff i've posted before. it's a nice way to show off my photography. frankly i haven't put up any of the older stuff in this newest marathon. i've been too busy writing new stuff for contests. i've been writing haiku like mad. i would never host a haiku contest, it would be too hard to judge based on 17 syllables, unless it just blew me out of the water, which is hard to do. i may read and comment on it, but i haven't found what i would call a good poem.

some of the ones entered in my latest contest are good-ish. no break out stars, but i have found a couple of new favorites.

i know my poetry isn't that great, not when compared with the master. but i try, and i keep trying and if i ever stop entering poetry contests with set subjects, i may get to it.

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