Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i'd like to not waste this day

another hour, another ten poems reviewed. the script is just giving me the same stuff over and over again. i have to wait for people to get up and post to get more. still i can write nothing of quality. i entered the two things i did write into contests. i figure the ones i don't like usually win, so i had nothing to lose. and i had a better chance of winning if i entered.

now i'm listening to all my favorite Ani Difranco songs. trying to get inspired. if this doesn't work i'll switch to Bach. if that doesn't work, i'll switch to porn and give up on the poetry for now. maybe if i read some good poetry, some brautigan or bukowski. maybe that would do the trick. my go-to creative block breaker is not available to me, to go outside and sit and think. i have to stay inside because it's cold and i resent that.

doc is going to Fry's on monday and getting us a wifi router. it's about time. then we can unhook at least one of these ungodly cables from the laptop. and i can take it outside and out to the studio and work out there. it's supposed to get warm again next week. now all i need to do is have him call the cable company and get a box installed in my room. and cancel the DVD subscription portion of our netfllix account. and cancel stars. that will save us about $20 a month. if the wifi works well enough here, we will get rid of the cable internet connection and save ourselves $80 a month. that money would really come in handy. that would be $100 together. what we could do with an extra $100. save money, that is what we could do. we could put $100 plus away each month. it's not a lot, but it's something.

predatory (is there any other kind) spiders are on TV on BBC America right now. ick. oh, good, they've moved on to non-creepy animals.

i'm going to go read some good poetry and see if i can't get my brain started here. the sun is coming up, i'd like to not waste this day.

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