Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

dreary old goth

all i can do is sleep. it takes everything to design a couple of titles. i get up, do some small amount of work, surf, then go back to sleep. i can't bear being awake. the burden of it. having to eat and drink and think. and i'm having the worst dreams. search engines and language all wrapped up in reality and the undo button not working and i can't find the history tab so i can't undo where i've been and what i've done and it's all just a horror show.

so doc is sleeping. i had chocolate pop tarts and watched burn notice. now i have it on, with music in my headphones. and my music is not doing it for me. i feel like nothing can. i didn't want to take the dog for a walk, but i did. i didn't want to feed the cats their gushy food, so doc did. i was going to call kelli but i can't call her when i'm feeling this down right now. she's feeling the pressure of winter far more than i. i have no reason to whine. yet, whining, i am.

there are cat toys spread out over the floor of the living room, dining room and kitchen. and tulip is carrying around a candy wrapper in her mouth. i can't win with these guys. all i can do is stick my hand out and fuzzle whatever/whomever is nearest.

ahh, Poison, if that can't lift my spirits, i'm going to bed, and i mean real bed, not this couch stuff. i feel like stretching out like i can't on the couch. i can't even remember the last time i slept in my bed. i don't even want to take a bath. the Kindle won't work while i'm in the bath. i don't know if it's a self preservation thing, but it won't boot up in the bathroom. it's fine in the rest of the house. which puts me in a pickle because i've read all the books i have out. and i have most of my books out.

it's time for another cigarette, then i will come back to this delightful 80s hair band song.

now we play the song over again as Major crawls into our lap. i have a full nicotine meter, a caramel lolly and a full cup of soda. i should be good to go now for a few hours. this is my prime time, after all.

i'll do some organizational stuff in photoshop, maybe get a font program so i can get more fonts. i don't have enough. never enough. i need to sort my photoshop brushes.

i did this amazing thing in Photoshop. if you're familiar, or if you're not . . . every little design element you do can be done on a separate layer. this is amazing for editing or going in and changing the main colors or fonts, but after a while, even if you meticulously name your layers, it gets cumbersome. when reading the for dummies book, i learned that you can group your layers and name the groups. oh, so fantastic. i sorted out all the layers and organized them and put them in groups. and then you can turn whole groups on and off for clarity's sake. delicious.

now i'm working on memorizing the keyboard shortcuts. i waste so much time moving the mouse around the screen, when i could just use the shortcuts.

okay, i'm feeling better. a bit more surfing, then to work. but not to think of it as work. that is getting me down. think of it as a fun way to learn and promote myself at the same time.

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