Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

my bed warmer.

today was Taco Tuesday. so chewy and i had Del Taco for dinner. well, TeenyTulip had some, too. Felix was uninterested in the shell or the lettuce that the others ate willingly. i was on the phone when doc went out to get it, and i forgot he left while i was talking and started preparing a big english breakfast for myself. then i remembered and put all the stuff away. god, i am such a twit.

i think i'm all poetry-ed out for the day. it really drains me reading 40 random poems and commenting on 25 of them. and writing my own stuff is tiring, as well. i don't know if i have enough creativity left to work on design tonight. i may work on editing and organizing my poetry. if i can publish another book, dammit, i will.

we have, for the cats, a three foot tall cylinder that is carpeted with upper and lower cubby holes for the cats to hide in. TeenyTulip sleeps in the lower cubby and we keep the toys, including the dog toys, in the upper cubby. every two days, i pick up all the toys and put them in the upper cubby and vacuum and then TeenyTulip takes them out and she and Vader and Major and Evie spread them all over the house again. today was a cleaning up day. the toys are all out. and doc has decided to keep the dog chews and toys under the edge of the couch where he can see them and get to them and not forget them. he has no more interest in greenies or pigs ears than he does in chew toys. this dog thinks he's a cat.

ah doc is off to work. to sleep or to work myself? i don't know what i want. maybe a couple hours sleep . . . no, that will disrupt my creative flow . . . what am i talking about, i'm empty creatively, i should sleep and dream and recharge. then design the sub pages for the site so i can get to coding when i'm done with kelli's site. i'd like to have all the design done by the time she gets her art organized and font ready to go. then i can take a break from my site, do hers, and have hers up by her birthday and mine up by my birthday in may. that's a long time i'm giving myself, but i never know when i'm going to be overtaken by the urge to edit. which i really need to do.

time to lay down for a couple of hours and cuddle with Chewy. my bed warmer.

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