Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

it's a service badly needed.

all i have left to do is start and win contests on allpoetry to advance to level ten. i'm on level 7 now. i have to win a contest to reach 8. so i entered about ten of them today and i'll enter another ten tomorrow. i've found that some of my poems are missing. i've also found a lot of material i've "never" seen before. maybe i'll open up my excel spreadsheet tonight and organize it. i thought i had it all organized, but it turned out i just had the first two books organized. i have enough "lost" poetry for a whole other book.

i also found a couple of chapbooks i put together. so i want to do some artwork and publish those on they are the only printer that keeps the chapbooks affordable. i can charge $5 for them and still make a few cents. not that i've sold any, i'm preparing for the rush.

i joined soundcloud and posted some spoken word there. so now you can buy "Stop Poking Me, Lady"s audio tracks on, or listen to them for free on and soundcloud. or you can listen to work from "Daisies" on my site. keeps them travelling and wanting more, so i hear. i also found another poety site to post my stuff, i'm going to read through it tonight and find out what it's about.

finally talked to kelli and told her what i needed for her site. she wasn't as reluctant as i thought she would be. hopefully she will be done with her tasks by the weekend, so i can start on the site monday.

kelli pointed out today that no man would ever really think sex was off the table, they would always be convinced in the backs of their minds that they will be the great seducer, so she said that can't be the reason they are not answering me, it must be something else. so again, i am defective. not one man who i have replied back to has gotten back to me. not one.

kelli also pointed out that what i really need is a gay man, i know, i'm born to be a hag. but there are no services out there to hook straight women up with gay men. and there should be. i should do that with zenweb. it's a service badly needed.

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