Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

these people had better make me laugh

ack! my head just exploded. i just read about half of what i need to know to do a wordpress site. it is not for me. i would have to relearn a lot of stuff in a different way. i'll just stick with hand coding and designing complex graphics. i don't need a clean, antiseptic site. i plan to leave the social media bar off of my portfolio and video pages. so, no clutter with the art. at some other time i will finish the wordpress book. but i've been doing it from scratch with only the help of Dreamweaver for ten years and am loathe to change. wordpress would be even more inappropriate for kelli's site as mine. i could at least have an update section in place of a blog. but she doesn't plan to update, except for art, and that is for me to do when she uploads new work. so . . .

that was fast. only a few hours. if i didn't have dreamweaver, i would consider it. if i had no knowledge how to code. but to use someone else's code and tweak it to what i need, ick. takes me back to the days of Front Page. and man that was a horror show. everything it did, it did in the most complex way possible, making tweaking a scary thing. i am scarred.

i MUST judge the poetry contest today. i was too wrapped up with being ill yesterday to do it. so i've got the page all loaded and the 12 entries ready to go, and these people had better make me laugh.

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