Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

have a good late night/early morning

i found the source of the food poisoning. at first i thought it was the dip i had with chips at lunch. but doc ate some of the dip and was fine. when i got up from my sleep, i refilled my glass of tea and started drinking away. by the time i finished my last post i was in screaming pain again and throwing up. so i put the tea down. another beverage ruined for me. i don't think i'll ever want to drink Arizona Raspberry Iced Tea again. that pain was just too bad. i am a puss.

my spirit has reinflated itself. turns out it can't be kept down.

i am sorely disappointed in my fellow American's reactio to the Coca Cola commercial yesterday. if you haven't seen it, it has a gay couple in it. did that cause outrage? no. the commercial featured the song "America the Beautiful", sung in different languages. it was beautiful. The greatest commercial Coke has made since it wanted to teach the world to sing. And conservative America flew their Racist flags high. They were so outraged about other languages in their commercial, they didn't even notice the gay couple. which is good because i didn't want to hear more of that noise. and i'm glad all these bigots are switching to Pepsi. I wonder if Chick-fil-A serves Pepsi or Coke, because that could be a problem. (pause, i had to go tweet that)

i smell again. i sweat a lot when i am working. it's the stress of thinking. my hair is too long to let the steam out through the top of my head, so it goes out my armpits. i'll take another shower again when doc leaves. speaking of which, it is time to get him out of bed.

this picture is brilliant because it marks the first day i knew the power of Efex Pro filter set on photos. There are about five filters on this image, to bring out detail and to, remarkably enough, change the color entirely. these here boots are lime green. bright, neon lime green. and through some combination of filters, i wound up with lilac, and the nicest shade of lilac, not a pussy shade of it. with the filters, brushes and textures i have, there is little i cannot do to an image or graphics. i have collected, what, i think, so far is the best collection of Photoshop related software available. until i find a new filter set, of course. but according to what i've read, i have the best. (Vexing! i could pass these all on to Kelli and she would be better equipped than most companies, i can't count the number of design jobs i had to bring my own filters and brushes and fonts to).

three hours have gone by and i'm not sick. i haven't eaten, and i've only had water and coffee. and not much coffee at that. a liter and a half of water in the past hour. i'm afraid to eat. and we just went to the shops. *sigh* we have fresh fruit and produce, bread and crusty rolls and cheeses. the only thing we didn't get was meat. doc likes a different shop for the meat. the produce department was as large as the bulk food section. it was amazing. it's been a long time since i saw a produce area that big and widely stocked. they had five different kinds of onions, not even getting into the spring onions or leeks. they had leeks, and i was going to get potatoes anyway for potato pancakes, but i didn't like the look of their potatoes, they were too big. i like them medium sized. even though i cut them up. if i want potatoes to bake and top, i go for the giant ones, but for puree-ing and shredding stuff, the medium sized are my choice. all my recipes in my head deal with medium sized potatoes, so there is the volume issue to think of, too.

mmm . . . fresh coffee. then to answer my email and get to work. tonight i am keeping Photoshop closed and reading "WordPress for Dummies" to see if i can do my/Kelli's site with it. i hear it may be much easier to accomplish what i want to do without all the research. but there's still research. who knows, this may mark my re-entry into design professionally again. ZenWeb Media is just there and waiting for a purpose. have a good late night/early morning.

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