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stupid search engines

okay, going all out here. i decided i didn't like the way the multi-colored social media icons looked with my design. i didn't want to put them in at all. i was coming back to using text links for social media, but that is cumbersome and ugly. then i decided to customize the buttons to my site. so i just spent three hours doing that. people better use them. or appreciate them or something. somehow having a cohesive design with nothing out of place or color is of the utmost importance to me right now.

i set myself up with plenty of tea and water and snacks so i only have to get up to go to the bathroom and smoke. the snacks were a bad idea, i ate a quarter of a jar of peanuts and half a small bag of cookies. they were iced animal cookies, fudge flavor, new. they went really well with the tea.

there are animals passed out all over the place. everywhere i look there is a small, furry, breathing body. Felix and Chewy are curled up together. they pretend not to like each other but spend most of the sleep time together. Chewy will curl up with any cat, it's only a couple of the cats that will curl up with him.

i'm putting off the busy work of saving and then loading all the icons. there's ten of them. making them was a bitch, i had to find the logos in vectors so that i could resize them at will without losing any of the edge fidelity. i finally found a set that included livejournal that was in vectors. getting a hold of it was another problem. i had to do a bit of sidewinding to get my hands on a full sized copy of it. but when i did, i was off and running. changing the logos black and then putting a gradient over them to make them match the site colors and the beveling them and then putting a glow around them and then doing the background. now it's just a few minutes of saving and then just placing them in the site.

i'm listening to Pat Benetar this morning. a little strong woman music. i'm trying to inspire myself so i can spend some productive time at allpoetry today. i have to judge and review poems for a contest i started and come up with another contest. i want to do a picture prompt this time, so i'm going to have to find a couple of pictures. then i'll put them into a page template that i have going for the site now and put the link in the contest with the pictures. solves the where to host the pictures problem while getting a little more traffic to the site. i really don't know how to advertise/promote myself. there is some optimization i can do with the site as it is, but i'm afraid i'll have to put boring text on the main page to get the search engine's attention. this bums me out. i can't have everything exactly the way i want it and right now! dammit.

so in that vein, i have to write some stupid intro to my site to be on the front page that will talk about me, use my name and explain exactly what i do in searchable terms. then i have to add these little tags to certain words, to get google's attention. and the key terms i use are things like "poetry" "multi-media art" and "spoken word" . . . not exactly specific. so i have to think of that. the more of these terms i can pile into my intro on my front page, the better it will be.

i wish i had someone else to think about this. i would be happy designing and coding. just that. leave the commercial stuff to the professionals.

of course, if Kelli and i collaborated, i would be the professional, because she would be the designer. i would be the coder and administrator. she would purely be creative talent. but i could live with that.

see, i know her nieces and nephews are going to grow up eventually and she will want to get the fuck out of the burgh again. this time i want her to stay. and we have to think of something to do. she will have to get a full time job, of course, so it would have to be something she would want to do in her free time. so design is the thing. she can do it when she's feeling inspired and i can code it when i'm done. or edit it or proofread it, or whatever it needed.

it was 35 here today. what is up with that shit? i need it to warm up so i can go back outside. i need to be able to work with smokes. there are some things i can only do with a cigarette dangling out of my mouth. like sketching out outlines and maps. i'm going to fix the table in the patio so it's solid and so i can put the laptop out there.

to set up the patio i need to do a few things before spring.
- recover the chairs with the pleather i got
- fix table
- clear up clutter of what does not need to be out there
- put up fairly lights

we need
- chairs
- table
- recycle bins
- garbage can

i have a few old milk crates i can use as recycling bins out there, just for plastic and cans. with a big-ish garbage can away from the patio proper. the chairs and table can be picked up during spring cleaning trash picking, i'm sure. i have to go across the street and inquire as to the floor coverings. they are replacing plumbing, counters, windows, doors, i can't see them not ripping up the carpet. and i want it for the studio. and maybe a patch for the patio, that would be cool. kind of white trash, but soon the love seat will be out there, too. extra seating. this year i'm going to have friends over, damnit.

oh, wow, it's 6. i'm used to the idea of boring Arial type all over my front page for the sake of SEO. i wasn't when i first started writing this. i'll just make sure the graphics are to die for.

anyone want to collaborate on a bio for me? i hate writing these things from scratch, i'll have to do some searching on it and find a cool way to do it. stupid search engines.

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