Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

tribulations of the medium-titted

we went to the Super Supermarket today. i went nuts in the bulk food section. i didn't get any dark chocolate covered espresso beans, though, i was good. i didn't get any espresso, either. i got DARK chocolate covered raisins. they are so different from milk chocolate covered raisins. they are astoundingly good. i also got these tiny candy hearts that are like red hots without the hot. they are small and sugary and taste of bubblegum. and a couple other candy staples i like to have around. mint non-pariels (sp). chocolate covered orange gelatin sticks. nom nom nom.

and my favorite part of the bulk food section there: the dog treats! we got Chewy a dried pig's ear, which Teenytulip has been carrying around in her mouth. And we got him a greenie's bone, which he carried around for a few minutes and then discarded in favor of a catnip mouse. he thinks he's a cat. if only we could get him to use the litter box.

i forgot to call kelli today. moreover, i forgot to write up what i need her to do for her website to be designed. as much as she's going to hate it, i do need some input from her. like, i need her art to be sorted and organized into nameable categories, so i can set up the galleries and menus. and i want her to get me a 300dpi scan of 1500 px or more wide of one of her paintings, to be used in the header. and an artist's statement. that is going to be the hard one for both of us. she may have one already. if not, ew, don't want to be her. my problem is presenting it so it's not just Arial text on a screen-on dimensional. i don't want it flashing or scrolling, but there has to be a way to present it that will keep attention. i could do it like a ransom note . . . that would be rather appropriate, considering Kelli's temperament. her art kind of holds your mind hostage.

i wish, i wish i wish . . . i could get her to accept a gift of Photoshop and accompanying books. i wish wish wish she would design on the computer. she and i could be such a good team. she could come up with the designs and i could make them interatcive and display them. she's such a brilliant artist, i just want her to go digital, maybe if she had a Wacom tablet she would. i can't get her one of those, i can't even get one for myself.

i smell, i think i'll start off the work night with a hot shower. it was hot inside the store today and i had to keep my leather on because i wasn't wearing a bra. heh. tribulations of the medium-titted.

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