Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

including Simon's

either Simon or Vader is in big trouble and i think it's Simon. i went into my bathroom, Simon was just sneaking out. I looked in my tub and someone had peed in it. It was either Simon, because he was in there, or Vader because he likes to pee in my tub. but i think it was Simon, and he has been puking a lot and exploded anally in my bedroom all over the wall and floor the other day (doc graciously cleaned that up). anyway, the pee was all blood. and i don't mean "bloody", i mean "blood". we can't afford the vet right now. though we will have to. he's up and walking around and perky seeming. doesn't act like he's sick or in pain. but he's a ragdoll and they are really laid back.

okay, i looked it up, and we may be looking at Diabetes. combine his other symptoms, like bad breath, it sounds reasonable. all of the serious illnesses involve pain, and he has no pain. and he's happy. he was gliding around the kitchen nuzzling my legs while i was making coffee. Simon doesn't touch the ground when he walks, you see. he just glides over the earth on a cushion of coolness.

i know infinitely more now than i did two weeks ago, when i started designing my site. and i'm going to combine the black and the white design elements (i worked hard on that microphone, you just don't know, the photographer of it wouldn't recognize it anymore) with a black background and use white backed tables for the large blocks of text, like the poetry underneath the videos.

Design Advisory Committee

here is the Design Advisory Committee while i work. We schedule meetings around our sleep schedules. including Simon's.

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