Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the opinions are in, prepare to offer another one

i'm waiting for the coffee to finish brewing. then i'm going to make a design in white before i go any further with the black. this was a bone of contention with my Design Advisory Committee, who also thought it should be black on white. i feel the art and photos will run off the page if i do that. there are a couple of solutions: 1)do the sections with heavy text in a white "frame" in the original black background design, or 2)design a white backed site and do the photography and art in black "frames" on the page. so i decided to try it with both and see which one looks less obnoxious.

i'm also going to change a couple of things in the white site. just to keep it interesting. i don't want to just copy what i have.

i got a good amount of sleep today. when i woke up, doc asked how i am, as he always does, and i said "horrible, just shit". then he asked me after i'd had my first couple of gulps of coffee and drags of my smoke, and i said, "brilliant". and the brilliant has stayed. before i decided to do an alternate site design, i mapped out, in an actual notebook, the file structure the site is to be so i could get a handle on how many pages i had to design in photoshop before i started coding. i want it all done in structured phases, not put up piecemeal. i want to upload it all at once in the middle of the night when no one is looking.

of course i haven't looked at my traffic, coppermine-free for this month yet. i'm going to be watching carefully to see where people are going. mostly right now, it's to the thumb and video sections. once i get onto a search engine, this may change.

okay. coffee is done. time to go to work. doc is asleep and crap is on TV, time to put Burn Notice on in the background and open up Photoshop.

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