Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

some of what i've done

i'm tempted to post a jpg of the beta site design, but i still might change my mind on it, so i won't bother. the above are some of the things i've been doing/working on. i keep getting lost in new tutorials and not getting anything done. i've set up a bunch in notepad of just the instructions without the images or extra explanations of stuff. tonight i will chose a technique and do a full set of images so i can at least post them on my site.

i dreamed a lot of things. i dreamed i had a machine gun with explosive rounds and i kept shooting people in their arms as they held them up in defense, blowing their hands off. it was slow motion and gory. i also dreamed that my life had been hacked and programed with Photoshop-like "actions" - techniques automated so you can do them repetitively, and there was an "undo" feature. also, my laptop kept overheating and shutting off during another dream.

i didn't have any dreams about falling off a roller coaster at the top of the Stratosphere, so i guess i'm good for that outing today. at first i was afraid of going on a roller coaster on top of a really tall building, then i figured, if something bad happens, you're sure to die, so really when else would you feel so alive? so if doc wants to go on the one that dangles over the edge of the observation deck, i'm game. i'll make him take a camera, but i can't promise he will take pictures. for my vanity's sake, i have to get him in the habit of taking pictures of me while i'm doing what i do. like taking pictures, or fondling a painting, or sucking my thumb, or chatting up a sculpture. whatever i do. pictures! documentation! save it all! someone will be interested someday!

i've decided i'm definitely going to re-edit "Stop Poking Me, Lady". there's too much inconsistency. i won't republish it, i'll just revise the edition. i may add an author photo, for vanity's sake. i care deeply for vanity, she is one of my best friends.

i'm so excited we're going out and i get to do my first installment in this year's "Strip it Down" project. that's what i'm going to call this "residency" of Las Vegas. i'm not sure, until i get up to my subject, what approach i'm going to take, what i'm going to feature. i'm going to try to get as many shots of casino floors (not the actual floor, mind you, the casino area is known as the floor) as i can, without people in them. i don't want people. there is a feature in photoshop that will take the tourists out of a series of pictures as long as you capture enough frames to complete the composition. if i take my tripod . . . doc will kill me. i'll try anyway. maybe i'll take a pocket tripod and take the shots from the ground, giving the whole shoot a larger-than-life quality. i like that.

and if doc will just agree to it, i can get the first shots of the thumb sucking project. taking shots of people reacting to me when they notice i'm sucking my thumb. i'm looking for smiles and laughter and mocking. disdain will bore me and make me give up on the project altogether. i don't want to piss people off, i want to amuse them and maybe make someone think back to innocence that they no longer have and inhibitions that hold them back. i guess that's what i don't like about the fat picture project. she was all about capturing people being ugly about her weight behind her back. i see enough ugliness, i spend the day on the web. that's not what i'm interested in capturing. i want to throw a little childhood out there and see what happens.

i know what i'll do with the casino pictures! i'll learn how to use doc's phone camera. we've already sync-ed the phone up with the computer, so i know that i can get them when i'm done. that way i can do it surreptitiously. then outside i can use the cameras. i'd like to leave around four so we get down there while it's still kind of light out but so we are there when it's dark mostly. in the light, i can use the purple cam that inserts much noise into each photo. it's a cheap cam. a thirty dollar video and still cam, i didn't expect much, i wanted it because it was the size of a phone and i thought i could use it as a subtle camera phone thing. not realizing it would be useless at taking low light pictures, and no, it doesn't have a flash.

some day i want a camera that will let me manipulate the rate of exposure. i want to make light streak time lapse photos. and i figure a camera like that would allow for a fancy telephoto lense. then i could get pictures of the sky properly. and the animals outside. it's just one of those dreams.

they say the cold is coming back this weekend. down to 60, whatever will i do. it's been 70 all week. i only went out in it yesterday before i went to sleep. it was nice. the table and chairs are all over at the fire pit. i can see we're going to have to get another set of table and chairs to get ready for summer.

how can i get my ebay sales to actually sell? when i first put them up, fine, but then they sink to the bottom of the search as people add more stuff. i don't know how to get my stuff back at the top of the lists. i've done all i can with the photos, the descriptions and titles are full of keywords . . . that was supposed to be my spending money and it just isn't happening. i have happy meal toys and jewelry. i'm going to put the few handmade books up that i have. i'll keep a couple, i don't know how to make them anymore. that time is just zapped - gone. haldol. friends don't let friends take haldol. especially not legally and daily for over two years. or was it three years? it was a long time.

oh, guess what?!?! B came and got the bikes and stuff and things! doc made sure he got everything out of the shed and the yard and put it on the driveway to make it easier and faster and quieter for B to get it all. so my yard is no longer white trash! well, the side of my yard isn't. i still have some things that doc has gathered to get rid of in the back. a broken chair, torn couch cushions that i think i'll use to reupholster the cushy seated chairs outside because it is waterproof. the xmas tree collection. those are for burning in the fire pit.

i have to put up the fairy lights outside, too. i'm doing all under the porch roof and maybe down the back of the house. i may put the net lights over the garage window down by the fire pit so we have lighting down there. and the xmas lights really have to come down from outside and go up on the studio wall on the picture xmas tree i made. i'll do those this weekend. i think spring is going to stay with us, i think we've seen the cold this winter. if i was back east, i would have to wait until mid to late april to say that, but here i am saying it at the end of january. watch me eat those words.

here's me, not giving a rat's ass about the superbowl. professional sports make me sick as a rule.

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