Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the GOP needs to shut up

so i put the streaks in my hair. it looks like shit. what was supposed to be orange red is dark brown. and it's all blending in my hair, not staying in streaks, i didn't do it right. now i'm stuck with shit hair. and to bleach the streaks out will further damage my hair. i want to cry. seriously. if i didn't do it to myself, i would be bawling right now. but i did it to myself and i have no one else to blame for it, so there's no point in crying about it.

doc is bringing home burgers for lunch. burgers and fries. i should have pushed my luck and asked for a shake, i need consoling.

i completely changed the font on my webpage. the one i'm using now is much thinner than the typewriter font i was using, so i had to realign everything. some of it, that i didn't do in layers, i had to completely redo. i'm hoping the font will mix well with whatever web font i decide to use. it will. only the poetry in the videos section and the list of mp3's is in text, the rest of the site can be images. i could actually do those two text items in images if i wanted to. we'll see.

i've given up on the menu rollover drop down that i wanted. i can't wait to learn it. i watched a tutorial on how to kind of do it and the tutorial was 20 minutes long. i wanted to do it with images instead of just plain text and it seems i can't do that in a simple way. i have to go the java or Flash route. and i'm too impatient for that. maybe i'll try again with Kelli's site. i'll keep reading what i'm reading on CSS, both the sites i''m doing are more images than text, so i won't be using the most basic stuff i'm learning about paragraphs and text blocks and all that noise.

ugh, i didn't eat breakfast because i knew it was payday and he would be bringing home take out. i am so hungry. i haven't eaten since noon yesterday. i've been up all night. i curled up with the dog around 2 until 3 but i'm pretty sure i was awake the whole time. i was listening to the GOP freak out about Kommander Obama and his executive orders. blah blah blah. the GOP needs to shut up.

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