Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

photo manipulation by me

i'm not really feeling poetic today, either. i feel like i never will again. i know i will. but i don't feel as cranky about it as i did yesterday. i was trying to force it yesterday. i won't do that today.

i learned a new vintage-izing technique for photos. it's long and kind of complicated, a lot of settings to tweak that i am just learning how to tweak and why. i have to just follow it by rote a few times, then branch out with it.

i finally found a stock photo site that is really free. i just want photos to play with, not for any kind of publication, so free is imperative. it took a week and about three dozen sites, but i found one. it doesn't have vector graphics, but i can live without them, i don't do that much design with vectors.

i took a picture of some of the cats and tweaked it and posted it on facespace and it prompted me to clean off the bookshelf in the kitchen and put the cookbooks on it. the picture is already out there, but i feel better about it. i need to find four screws for the book shelf in the living room. the walls of it have bowed out and the pegs are not long enough to hold up the shelf. so i need screws to put in the holes to put the shelf on.

i'm going to make cookies today, i just can't decided which kind. either cocoa chocolate chip or oatmeal cinnamon chocolate chip. i'll let doc decide, no, i know what he'll choose, cocoa. so i'll make those. i can do that while i clean the kitchen. the dough will be more fun to eat than the oatmeal.

Rusty Chevy - unknown photographer, photo manipulation by me.

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