Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

oops, yesterday's post

a gallon of water a day, give or take. mostly give. three cups of coffee yesterday. one cup so far today. yesterday i ate an apple fritter and four cheese sticks. so far today, i've had toast.

i've done no work the last two days. so i got up at three and tried to catch up. worked on the website template. it's been chopped up and saved, it's ready to be coded. that's where i'm stuck until i find the right tutorial. i keep finding tutorials that go too far into the code needed to do what i do. and i don't need to know the code right now, DW does it automatically, so i don't have to write the code. i just need to know what buttons to press and what fields to fill in in DW. soon. i'm getting there.

i'm wrapped up in more Photoshop tutorials. i was putting my PS bookmarks up on pinterest last night and discovered many other people had done the same thing. so i'm slowly surfing through some of that and finding all manner of interesting things.

i have those pictures i did for the site back in the day. they aren't large images or that great, but they were done in a studio environment and only need a little color tweaking, no noise reduction or anything. i can't sell them in a book or anything, but they are mine to use for free, so i may as well use the ones where i'm clothed. so i opened a bunch and color corrected them and i'm slowly working my way through the tutorials using my pictures instead of the stock ones they use in the example.

here is the contest i want to enter today. i've read all the entries, but i'm so dead inside today i can't even comment on them, let alone write my own poem. each of the quotes speaks to me in its own way. i made another level, i am now a level 8: Peridot Parrot. i have some work to do before i go to level 9. i need to win another contest, first of all. i won silver for my haiku "Luna". it's been published in "Poking". it just fit the contest prompt. i didn't expect it to be so popular or to win silver. it just popped into my mind as i read the rules to the contest so i entered it.

night drops her pants to
reveal her most coveted prize
La Bella Luna

it's not even a 5-7-5 pattern. it's still haiku, i am assured. it came into my head one day, as bad haiku sometimes does. and that's what i chalked it up to, bad haiku. but people got all deep with me on it. like the guy who read political undertones into my poem about ants. no, really, it was just about the ants i watch outside.

ahhhhhhhh. i need to write something. i'm hoping typing here will get my words flowing. get me thinking, playing with words and phrases. maybe i'm not sufficiently inspired by any of the quotes. i like and understand them, sure, but do they inspire me? most contests aren't this hard. i just read through them until i'm inspired. i guess maybe i won't enter this one yet. maybe i'll come back to it later.

and the next day . . .

i'll put it in another post.

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