Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

what aspect makes it chewy and fudgy

a simple free stock animation i colored to reflect me. pretty clever using the gradient tool to realistically portray my hair colors.

that is the sum total of what i accomplished last night. i read a lot, too. but i have nothing to show for it.

we've finally gotten ahead financially. i can order some bras from target. playtex has a pull over version that looks good. i just hope it has cups in it. it looks like it does. i don't need another cropped tank top that tapes my boobs down to my chest and then forms them into a loaf of boob in the middle of my chest after i've sneezed or coughed a couple of times.

i need to poet today. it seems i can't just do a little a day. i have to devote a day or half a day to it. it's because i write when i'm there, and i'm not always in the mood to write.

my eyes smell like avacados. i used some avacado eye cream i had. i noticed i had some shadows under my eyes and my creases were a little deeper. i'm not vain about my aging, but no point in looking older than i am.

i have this delicious red hair dye in my bathroom cabinet, and i took it out and was staring at it. it's just the toner, but i think i have enough of the cream activator to use it. i want to put streaks in my hair, but i don't know. i don't have enough to do the whole head red, i only have one bottle and pretty long hair. and i want to stay blonde. and it would look cool as it grew out and i bleached the roots and it faded to orange, i would have a leeloo dallas look to me. i would have to lose ten pounds to carry it off, but it's an option. all i need to do to lose the weight is stop drinking coffee. i'll be grumpy for a few days, but i'll get over it.

in fact, to prove it, this cup of coffee will be my last until i wake up later. then i'll have one. not 8. and no cola for a few weeks. once the weight is gone, i can have a cola now and then. and i can still have a couple of cups of coffee a day to wake up and stave off the caffeine headache. i really do drink it to excess, though, and i use an obscene amount of sugar and milk with it. it's the whole reason i have a spare tire. because i get a modicum of exercise walking the dog and doing stuff. the house is spread out, you have to walk for a while to get anywhere. and i eat sensibly and only once or twice a day.

i had a vegetable yesterday and i didn't die! i had a radish with my mac and cheese, not in my mac and cheese, on the side dipped in salt like i used to have at my Aunt Ruby's. don't mock me, i hate vegetables. i hate the tastes and the textures, but especially the texture. unless it's broccoli, then it's the taste. Kelli's mom makes a broccoli and cheese dish i will eat voluntarily. but that is the only way i will eat broccoli. i will only eat zucchini in bread. i will have a Ceasar salad every so often with shredded carrot in it. maybe i should make some zucchini bread. i wonder if doc will take me to the Super supermarket today since we have a little extra money to spend on food. they have a bulk food section. i could get some cereal and some jasmine rice and some sugar for cookies. and they have a big produce department, i could get some greenhouse zucchini and some nice carrots and maybe some melon. i will eat melon. and i want to get some quality cheese in bulk so i can make mac and cheese and quiche. maybe a broccoli cheddar quiche, i will eat that. or a spinach feta red onion quiche. and i want crispy bacon in my mac and cheese.

yes, i will plot to go to the store. doc doesn't feel good right now, i'll wait until he feels better. he had a huge coughing fit in the middle of the night that he attributed to asthma, though now he is stuffy and cold and craving hot liquids. i fear for his health. i don't want him to be sick again, i'm not over the last time he and i were sick.

i wonder if i put an extra egg and a bit of oil in my chocolate chocolate chip cookies, it will make them fudgy-er. i'll have to look into brownie cookie recipes and find out what aspect makes it chewy and fudgy.

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