Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i don't have to learn Flash right now!!!!!!

i don't have to learn Flash! i can do what i want to do in Dreamweaver using CSS or Java. i'm so relieved. i was reading the Dreamweaver for Dummies book anyway, so this just has me skip ahead a bit. no whole-other-program-to-learn bullshit. you don't know what a weight this takes off my mind. i was really hopeless about the Flash frustration and was about to give up, when a mis-labeled link in the search led me to very complicated CSS instructions using a template. doing some more research, i found out that you don't have to use a template and given images, you can create your own. more relief.

i may have to redo the text on my site template links, but it will only take me a few minutes. i did everything in separate layers, so everything is editable with minimum fuss. i can even change the colors without changing the textures. and yes, i used textures. ack! sophisticated Photoshop stuff right here.

i finally installed the program i needed to easily surf the WMF images in my clip art collection. all the "free" stock image sites are really expensive. i will only need a month's subscription to stock up on images, but i can't afford it now. so i figured it was time to take advantage of the collection i paid for on many CDs years ago. and so far, i've found what i needed, and a few other things.

i am going to cook and eat Felix if he doesn't shut up. a nice kitty fricassee. ugh. he has given up on the food and started stalking and cornering and then scolding Bagira. he really doesn't approve of anything Bagira does. and now he's gotten Major started, who is in the bedroom howling. yikes! how can Doc sleep through this mess?

right. time to read until my eyes cross, then to play with some images just for shits and giggles. i want to try manipulating graphics, instead of photos. adding textures and filters and brushes and such. see what i can come up with.

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