Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i think not.

i want a link to this video of London in 1927, in Color to be somewhere other than on my facespace, so i'm posting it here. i don't know how long it will be up. it's gorgeous. i've watched it a bunch of times.

i fried my brain on Flash instruction and then crashed out. Coming to terms with the fact that i get my best sleep in the afternoon/evening. doc is unhappy with that, i'm just happy i found a time i could sleep more than 2 hours. i'm backing off the Flash. it's too much information too soon. Too many new terms and phrases and instructions to comprehend. i need to find a tutorial on what i want to do, instead of trying to learn the program from scratch. i used to know how to do it. i should be able to pick it back up again.

there is nothing on TV at the weekend. it's sad, really. you would think the programmers would be more sensitive to people that are home, just blanking out on their weekend. but they program the worst shows and movies.

i'm watching Star Trek: TNG. Data and the doctor are tap dancing. for once the holo deck is not malfunctioning and there seems to be no problem with the space time continuum. i'm not sure what to think of this episode.

i woke up in the most foul of moods. Felix was meowing for food and would not shut up, so i put him outside. i need to let him back in. that was mean. it's not cold outside or anything, but it was still mean, i need to bring him in and cuddle him for a while and then refill the food. okay, better. he didn't want the dry food. he is still meowing, but more quietly now, and mainly to Simon, who is meorwing back at him.

my hair no longer smells like chemicals. which is good because it was nauseating me. i washed and deep conditioned it, then applied an oil by the brand name "Enjoy". i can't tell you what it smells like, because i have nothing to compare it to, but it smells good. really good. want to start applying it to my body good. want to smell it all the time good. i'm debating whether to put a "real" blonde shade on top of the bleached out color, which is several shades of white and pale yellow. but i don't know. i kind of like it looking unnatural. the whole thing is fake, it's not really blonde, it's not really straight. why should the color be realistic? does it matter? i think not.

okay, i'm in a better mood now. i can go back to work.

that reminds me, i don't know why, i need to check up on my un-moving ebay sales. i wish i could get the stuff to sell. *sigh*

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