Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i was wrong

while i was napping, i got five responses to my personal. cool. a couple of the guys look like they would be really cool to hang out with. one guy is dressed as Captain Morgan in his profile picture and another guy who is older who just seems cool. i'm going to contact them tomorrow. once i figure out what i'm going to say. then i have to get over the thing i forgot about, my teeth. i'll deal with that when the time comes.

tomorrow morning the weekend begins and thus the food fest. for dinner tomorrow it's crab ravioli and whole wheat garlic cheese bread with fresh buffalo mozzarella. i think we'll have bacon with our waffles on saturday, i'm tired of sausages. i never thought i'd say that. mostly because i spent most of my life hating sausages. i saw how they were made very early in life (german family - you know they love their sausages) and it took me years to become desensitized to it. so bacon it is! i wish doc liked ham. it would shake up our breakfast meat routine. and maybe sunday we'll do brunch out at the fire pit and i will make a nice quiche in the pan Liliane got me for xmas. i haven't used it yet.

i'm so bored. i wanted to paint today but doc didn't get his crap off the table. he's doing it this weekend. or i'll beat him up. i have this stack of canvas boards i want to use. i need to get some gel medium at michael's. i want to transfer some images to the canvas board to paint with.

i'm so tired of facebook. i hate every change they make, it seems. everything they do now is to maximize earnings and the user suffers.

2 motorcycle fatalities today. one right up the road. motorcycle ran a red light. didn't beat the dodge ram. sad.

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