Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i won't put this on facespace

he's afraid of all and sundry seeing it. point taken. but i will put it on here because y'all are my friends. and i'm proud of the way a bad picture turned out.

i actually found this great article that made my head explode. i cleaned all that up and bookmarked the page because i couldn't keep reading it. i'm very picky about what i bookmark. i learned many years ago that a cluttered bookmark folder helps no one. and is of no use. i use the feature a lot more now than i used to. so the article. it was tips and tricks for photoshop written from the perspective of the anal retentive. everything takes twenty steps to do the simplest thing. i will have to get more familiar with the keyboard shortcuts and layer masks and levels layers before i go back to that.

i've scoured pages one and two of the google search, and i'm about to delve deeper for more. there has to be more. most of what i find is either adding pure fantasy elements to something, or changing the completely real elements. i'm looking for things that alter the image as a whole. certain areas can be focused on, but for the most part, the whole image. i've found two so far. of 230.

i memorized/learned the lomo-ize steps. i memorized them first and now i'm working on figuring out what each step does and why and how it applies to other things. there are more techniques in the cinemascope thing i'm doing now with photos. so i've memorized the steps and even changed a couple that were too complicated and accomplished the same thing as the simplified version. i've discovered that pictures that are essential in the beginning of a process just get in the way later on when i'm trying to learn the order of the steps. then i need to discover what each step does, and personalize it with my own settings, not just see it done in a prescribed way. then i learn.

that website i wanted to buy the source images for and imitate, i've found the textures and the brushes that were used in the design. the rest of the files i don't need. those were the two that i needed. the other image i can find easily enough, probably a vector version so i can have some fun with it.

i'm going to hell. if there is a hell. i just thought i'd throw that out there.

who would name a kitten "The Colonel"? what a name to saddle a kitten with. i know how ridiculous it will be when Teeny Tulip is grown up and it looks like she's going to be a monster of a cat, to be calling her Teeny, but that's what she is. and will be compared to the others, for a while. Major was easy because he was grown up. he could handle a rank. now he's even bigger (they told us he was 3, he was no where near that old) than he was. I could name him Colonel, if i got him now at his big size. Vader's name is up for debate. it was a fun fandom name when he was little and now that he's big, it just seems to fit him more. but he doesn't know his name, so i don't know how successful we were with naming him.

wow, it's six. i've been up for two hours. i've accomplished . . . well i've gotten one of the stock images i need to alter a bit for my new site, and the textures and brushes i need. and i've altered two photos. that took some time. i'm not cleaning the kitchen until it's light out. i have some kind of block with that. i only like being in the kitchen in the dark at night, the lights in there bug me. if we owned this house i would be changing them. there's a lot about the kitchen i would change if we owned this place. the cabinets need new hardware, what we have has caught on and torn three pairs of my pants. and they need to be painted to match the floor. i would change the carpet. i would fight with doc about tile floors and area rugs, but at least get some nice, sturdy, dark berber. i don't care if it's not hip anymore. and i will never again have light carpet if i can help it. it's easy to clean and harder to stain. and it feels nice longer. and it wears better. yeah, i could spend $150,000 on the house, buying it and fixing it up. more if i did the yard.

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