Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

plain, cotton-lycra, black.

i'm going to go to sleep. i'm not going to feel bad that i am going to sleep because i have a full plate tomorrow. first and foremost, i must clean the kitchen. doc hasn't been doing it, and has used every pan and almost every plate and bowl. i keep using the same plate and bowl and spoon. so i have to do that first thing tomorrow and get it done. doc's only task for tomorrow is to clean off the dining room table so i can paint. i want to work with my hands to create. this poetry and photo stuff is fun, but i want to make something. and i have a rough idea for a painting, so i want to get to that.

man, another middle eastern man messaging me. i'm going to stop hoping they are different and friending them on facebook when they ask. it's like someone passed out my name at a convention of perverts in saudi arabia. what the actual fuck?

my rings are irking me. i have bands on three fingers, rings with center pieces on the other two. and the two with center pieces keep turning to face backwards. i'm going to have to get bands for them. my final baby ring broke last month. i want to get another one or two, but i don't know where in the world to get them. any suggestions?

i'm going to try to bra shop online tonight. doc has been trying to get me bras, but he's a guy and i'm not there. and he gets the cheapest, which to him makes sense, he doesn't realize there are certain things you can't skimp on. just like he wouldn't buy the cheapest underwear, but the ones he knew would fit and last. i also need underwear, and it seems the only place i can get plain black panties is online. alll they have in the stores are pastels and flowery and lacy shit. i don't do that. plain, cotton-lycra, black.

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