Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i was halfway done . . .

with my file converting, only to discover that after i converted the first in the list, all the settings reverted back to default. so i've spent the last couple of hours converting from WMV to WMV. magic.

okay, morning now. conversion of files tromping along nicely. added two mixes to myspace. and five videos.

today i need to:

- do the new pages of the site (about 3.5 dozen with six original graphics)
- post a poem on tumblr (something new, maybe i'll read it, too)
- make a welcome video for youtube (i've had the program to do it for a while, i just haven't)
- clean the kitchen (empty dishwasher, hand wash saute pans, they are all dirty and we have many)
- do the cats (water, feed, litter box)
- walk the dog (we didn't yesterday, i just let him out to run free, bad mommy)

maybe by making a list, i will get all the things done. i also need to spend time at allpoetry and it would be nice to spend some time at pinterest. but it isn't necessary. all this stuff i do online and ultimately it has no purpose. don't think i don't know that. i'm just being ignored on a larger scale now than i was 10 years ago. i'm being ignored in more places than ever before.

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