Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

bored bored bored plank

i'm converting WMV files to MP4 files to add them to yet another social media site. this time myspace. i added 17 tracks from "Stop Poking", so if one were to follow all the links on my site, one could find many of the tracks from "Poking" for free, even though i have them posted on a to-buy site. one would have to really be invested in finding out more about me to do this, though. next is tumblr. i have an account there, i just haven't done anything with it. i don't think i'll be writing a blog there, but if there is any other form of exposure, pictures, etc., i'm all about it. maybe i'll post poetry in my blog there.

am i missing any sites? i can't vine or instagram because no smartphone. but am i missing anything else? i plan to use as much space on myspace as they will let me. i'm going to put some cam archives up just for giggles, and so i have some "mixes". whatever. i'm all about exposure. as long as it's not over-exposure. funny how my "porn" pictures are no where to be found on the internet anymore. i guess i was never in demand.

ack! i am so unstable! i am crying at NCIS. not a lot, but enough. how annoying!

it's going to take approximately three years to convert these files. so, i have time to do something else. i need them in MP4 format anyway, so this is time well spent.

turns out i didn't have a tumblr account, though someone had taken "cydniey" as a username and haven't posted a blog with it.

okay, tumblr set up. i'll post poems and spoken word up there. new poetry mostly. spoken word that you already know about.

god, everything seems to take forever for myspace. mixes must have covers, which must be huge, so they must be specially made. grr. this site better become something again.

oh wow, it's 10 already. i will not finish what i am doing before waking doc up. so i may as well turn the coffee back on and pour myself another cup and stuff some cigarettes. it's going to be a long night. these videos need babysitting, so i can't just queue them all up to convert and go to sleep while they do it.

speaking of sleep . . . i want to lay down for the next 45 minutes, i think.

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