Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

it's a process.

the time has come to think of food. i turned on the toaster oven to make cinnamon toast, but the smell of the heating elements put me off. it's going to be one of those days. doc brought home some hot crab and spinach dip i'm thinking about heating up with some tortilla chips. i'm just not sure.

we have to get ground beef, i have decided to always keep taco meat on hand. it's good for nachos, tacos, quesadillas, all sorts of things. doc throws some into his eggs. it's just a staple our pantry should have.

i tried to lay back down this morning. but Simon decided to sleep on my face, which didn't work well for either of us. When i finally got rid of him and settled back in to sleep, Felix decided to sleep on my chest/neck. that plan went awry as well. then i sat up and they swarmed me, climbing on me. i rose up and spread my arms and yelled, "enough". they really overwhelm me sometimes.

okay, the crab dip is a cold dip. so i heated the tortilla chips. it was really good. imitation crab, but what do you want for $2 on clearance? speaking of . . . did you know that in most grocery store chains they have areas of both refrigerated and non-refrigerated items with slashed prices? stuff that is dented, or the last of a brand they are no longer going to carry or nearly expired stuff. well, i don't know if most stores do it, i know our favorite chain does it. doc started with the sale bakery items. oh, how evil that has turned out to be, that's where we got the cocktail croissant (only an American could have come up with that). but we end up getting all of this gourmet stuff. like the peppercorn rondele cheese. and the nutella, and the vanilla bean cream cheese. it is glorious! we can eat like we're rich while staying on budget.

i feel like i got strangled last night. my throat/neck is sore. stiff. but tender to the touch. i have no idea what it is. i took some aspirin.

as long time readers know, i have issues with personal hygiene. but this week i've been really good. i washed and conditioned my hair after it had been pinned up for four days. i've been brushing my teeth first thing and i shaved. oh, and lotioned. i've been taking very good care of myself. it's too late to actually help my teeth, but i will brush them anyway.

i've gotten into the habit of doing a routine when i wake up, and since the new year, i have been adding to it every few days. i wake up and warm up my coffee while i go to the bathroom, then drink the coffee and smoke a cigarette. then change out the cat's water, fill their feeder and clean their litter box. now i also take my meds and brush my teeth and hair. soon i will add taking Chewy for a walk to this routine. it's a process.

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