Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

or i'll hunt you down like the ungrateful wombat you are

Congrats! You're a level 6 "whimsical widget"

With 4 x any trophy, 15 x enter a contest, 110 x comments, 59 x applauded comments, 29 x poems, 15 x favorites, 5 x fans, 7 x edit an item, 45 x visits to the site, 41 x comments on new users, 5 x join a group

and that is how invested into this site i am. this is if you write short prose or poetry, think about signing up and posting here. i'm getting great feedback on my poetry. and not just praise. really constructive stuff. some people reading into my stuff, like i wrote a poem about red ants at a contest prompt about nature (i couldn't think of anything else natural) and people are seeing government and big business tie-ins. Fantasy Flash Forward to a classroom of the future, as the children and their teacher discuss the deeper motives to the Pussy Poem. haHA!

what shall i do today? i have a horrible sounding cough and some sniffles, but i don't feel sick anymore. all i feel is the evil trying to leave my body. so i feel good. i slept for 2.5 hours last night and 3.5 overnight. it's 4:16, great start to the morning. i've taken my meds and brushed my teeth. my legs aren't smooth anymore, i'll shave them after the sun comes up.

i finished cleaning my room and putting it back together yesterday. i hooked up the VCR and TV. i need cable in there. when we get the cable bill paid up next week we are going to make an appointment for someone from the cable company to come out here and install a box in my room. between that and the wifi router we're getting next month, i will never need to go into the living room again. of course i love it in the living room, but should i decide i don't, i will have a kingdom in my room.

what we really need is another computer. i have my XP laptop that i use for my scanner and mp3 player and webcam, but it is no good for online games and youtube, which is what doc does on the computer. now that i'm actually working on the laptop all the time, i don't want him taking it away from me. if we had another machine i could just take my USB sticks and go to it and use it for work. I keep everything on sticks now.

i guess i could install the appropriate fonts and do some editing on the old laptop. i wonder if Word is even installed on it. i have an old, XP compatible version of Office over on the bookshelf. I'll tell you, labeling and organizing my CDs/DVDs was the best thing i've ever done. i've been on the computer full time for 18 years and i'm finally getting the hang of organization and safe storage (as well as the basics of hacking your own system).

i think today i'll work on lomo-izing a set of desert plant pictures. desert plants aren't all that pretty. a bit of pale green, tiny flowers. but hopefully with this technique i can bring out some of the drama and beauty of these things. i may also post another page to my "art" section.

oh, i was so right about my website traffic. 9500 404 page calls. and the traffic has dropped down to nothing, finally reflecting my actual traffic and not the inflated numbers of the hacker academy's doing. it's sad, giving up such big numbers. but i'm not dwelling on it. i'm doing this to use the information to see where people are going, and what needs more attention. i need to work on networking/linking with other sites that are of the same ilk. first i have to find them. my ego can handle the blow.

i listened to Barry Mannilow's greatest hits last night a couple of times. i think it improved my poetry.

yes, photo manipulation today. i know i can improve those pictures and make them worth looking at. i can't wait until the weather warms up and i can start going down to the strip and photographing everything. again i find myself wanting a buddy. i want to do some pictures and videos of me sucking my thumb, and people's reactions to it. a fat photographer gave me the idea, she would position herself somewhere and an assistant would stand away with a camera and wait for people to react to the fat girl, then snap pictures of them. i'm looking for something a little less staged than that. something a little more organic. but the same idea for subject matter. i just think people reacting to a grown woman sucking her thumb in public is far more interesting that people reacting to a fat person.

i belong to freecycle and i'm thinking of posting an ad for a sewing machine, i have nothing to lose, so why not? it will go something like this:

WANTED: 1 (one) working sewing machine. Nothing fancy, just a straight stitch and maybe a zigzag for giggles. It must work, I have one that doesn't work and I don't like it at all. It seems my thrifty clothes mending ways have out-paced my ability to hand sew. Machine will be coming to a good home, I already have sewing machine oil, all ready and waiting for it. I promise to dust it often, and only use pretty colored thread in it. Thank you in advance.

yes, i think that will do. hopefully someone out there has an old machine they haven't used for years that they just haven't thought to get rid of because investment, and this will prompt them to pass it along.

okay, freecycle ad posted. hopefully someone out there has a machine. i have so many pairs of jeans to mend. i'll still wear them if i can sew them back together and sew patches in them. i'll have to go to the thrift store and get some gaudy old sheets to use as patches.

it's five now. time to go to work. have a nice day! or i'll hunt you down like the ungrateful wombat you are.

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