Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

and no one likes a crazy doc

you would think i would be all poemed out. strangely, i'm not. i've read a lot of poetry today. and i've only found one poet i liked. i read a piece by him that was truly in the spirit and language and tone of Bukowski. amazing. i loved it. i marked him as a favorite right away. there is a lot of poetry out there. and a lot of what is liked by the masses is abhorrent to me. my advancing levels at allpoetry now depends upon winning contests and starting contests and having people "applaud" my comments to them. about half the people you comment to applaud. never comment on a popular poem expecting an applause. you won't get it. but poems by new members and less popular poems often hide marvelous examples of wordsmithing.

i have to make sure i am saving hard copies of all the stuff i write on the fly for the contests. and i've found that i can write on command. i can't write for every contest, something has to inspire me. there have been a few today that i have written pieces for and then discovered i wasn't qualified to enter. that was a bummer, but better than the whole removal from a contest process, which happens without explanation and is soul crushing.

so i said i would do it and i did. i spent all day at allpoetry. doc barely got any computer time at all. i took a two and a half hour nap this afternoon and he got it, but that was about it. i have written and read enough poetry for one day.

i think i may finally take that bath and read some prose. "Dreaming of Babylon" has just gotten really interesting, i hated to put it down at the end of my last bath.

i did read this one piece today, it was a humorous retelling of the three little pigs, where red riding hood kills the wolf and the last remaining pig at the end. it was very Lewis Carroll. i loved it. i gushed about it in the comments to the guy who wrote it. i wonder if it is telling that i only really like poetry written by men. hm, that's certainly something to think about.

yes, definitely a bath, and then catch up on my news feeds. that should take me to the time i can wake doc up for work. i hope he goes tonight. he has been really stressed out and i think him getting out of the house for work keeps him from going stir crazy. and no one likes a crazy doc.

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