Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

if only i could adequately explain that in broken english.

holy god - DW has an FTP feature! i don't have to run Core FTP and keep connecting, DW will do that all automatically! and i've been playing with the link updates. i have a template full of navigation images in my main folder. i can 'save as' to anywhere in my mapped site and DW will prompt me then, as instructed, change the links to match up to the files. Brilliant! i think i knew it could do this once upon a time. i seem to remember these features, just not being clever enough to use them. it pays to press the buttons.

we are watching BBC News. they are doing a thing on space, i'm not sure what they are saying, i'm listening to the goo goo dolls again. just five songs of their entire discography. i haven't listened to anything else.

we were watching Pink's new concert on EPIX the other day, and in a constant quest to understand doc's taste in music, i asked what he thought of her voice (because he doesn't like Florence's voice, from Florence and the Machine, which i cannot fathom). he said she was a little shouty in her singing. i laughed so hard. i love the way he uses english, and misuses it.

renaming my "coppermine" folder on the server seemed to work. over 8 thousand 404 requests. and i know every page on my site that should, works. those wanna be hackers trying to fuck with my pictures for no good reason can move along to the next "coppermine" owner. untargeted attacks are always so unflattering.

there was a site linking to my thumbsucking section, but said i was "presumably" sucking my thumb. i wrote to the owner of the site, and the "presumably" has been removed. yeah. i'm really sucking my thumb, mutherfuckers. i'm not some wanna-be fetish whore. that's my thumb and my life. and no, i don't suck my thumb during sex. sucking my thumb has nothing, as most if not all of you can figure out, to do with sex. it has to do with self comfort, not stimulation. if only i could adequately explain that in broken english.

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