Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

evil inspired laughter here

if it involves the computer and i CAN learn it, i WILL learn it. i got the plugin program to work with the host program. my Photoshop CS6 is now all powerful. i don't think there's anything it can't do, if asked nicely enough.

i've recently woken up to google in all it's glory. say what you want about the rest of their dealings, but their gathering of information and ability to spit it back out at you is amazeballs. unlike my pets, google understands english and logic, even my logic. the more wordy a question i ask it is, the better my results are. i remember the days when you used to enter one or two words and sift through all manner of shit. it's been over a year since i had to use the second page of a google search. if only i could get a google engine on my livejournal. that would be mad.

now it's time to open my main programs: windows explorer, photoshop, dreamweaver, coreFTP and firefox for any problems i might encounter. i believe i said i'd have the newest parts of the site up by morning. well, it's morning. i need to get moving.

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