Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

go me!

today i learned how to turn of my virus scan to install a hacked program. then i figured out how to install a hacked program. then i installed it. then it worked, just not through the program it was supposed to work through, it works independently. i'm confused. but in the process of all of this, i stopped wanting to do what i needed the program for in the first place. so go me.

then i slept. and slept. and i don't even know what times i was awake or asleep. doc ended up sleeping on the small couch instead of the bed. i had the big couch. i woke up at 9 pm with no clue where i was or what day it was or anything. it took a few minutes to get that it was sunday and doc had to get up at 11:30. other than that, i am unclear on a lot of things.

i'm trying to figure out if i will go in and cook the salmon and have that with croissant and Borsin cheese. that sounds good. or will i work on my site more? that sounds good, too, i'm really on a roll with it.

i should have the additions posted by morning. an art section and a photography section. there's not much in them, yet. but there will be stuff to look at. and it's another area i can add to. and that will push me to do more. since i'm only posting my photos in sets, i will be pushed to take more sets of photos. since i'm posting my art, i will be pushed to make more art to photograph and post. this works well all around.

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