Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

now doc is awake.

i've spent the pre-dawn hours assembling and making more content for my website. suddenly i'm in no hurry to edit "Daisies". the website has instant gratification. the book doesn't get looked at. the website has traffic. yes!

doc siad he'd make me breakfast, but he's asleep so i ate some Cap'n Crunch. he wanted me to name what i wanted. we need eggs and syrup for what i want. french toast. and maybe some cream. nom. creamy french toast. i'll discuss this with him when he wakes up.

the christian zealot from pakistan "liked" my comment decrying perverts. so, it's nice to see they are carefully reading what i write. derps.

i just got smart about the constant hits to my coppermine directory. i changed it. my traffic will radically decrease now, but i'll be able to get a better picture of where visitors are going. and what areas i can improve.

i'm listening to doris day and blondie. a nice combination. i enjoy being a girl, call me! don't eat the daisies, Rapture! it's that kind of morning. i have thirty five pages to make. i got smart and i'm working from a template now. i opened it out of the main directory in Dreamweaver and proceeded to save it to every subdirectory, and DW changed the links for me. wasn't that nice of it? so, yes, i've been reading the Dreamweaver for Dummies book.

then i cleaned my room. i had laundry piling up, clean with dirty, mingling. i fixed that and filled my laundry basket. i need to move the furniture back when doc wakes up and then empty the garbage bags of bug free stuff. i only did it because i was desperate for something to wear.

okay, i don't have thirty something pages to make. i've figured out how to do everything on single pages. only six or seven now. i forget to take into account almost everyone is on a high speed connection and i can put more than one picture on one page. i really need to get my designing head out of the 1990's.

the cats and dog are going crazy. i started it inadvertently. i let the dog out for a morning pee. he came back all hyper and chased Tulip around the house and pounced her a few times until doc reached out in his sleep and grabbed him. so then Tulip started chasing Felix, who jumped on Major, who then went after Vader, thinking he had done it. now doc is awake.

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