Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

YES! nachos!

okay, i have progress to report on my editing. i'm making progress /end report. i have to change several thousand instances of lowercase "i" to uppercase. ugh.

UPS waited until the last second, and after they had sent many ominous letters and emails to finally verify me as a dependent. which was good because i was in a hopeless loop with the ACA sign-up. something to do with taxes and deductions. i don't know. i don't have to deal with it now. unless i want to get an extra layer of protection. which i might do, if i can't find a shrink through the UPS insurance. $180 out of pocket for each appointment, and out of network $1000 deductible for the hospital i go to . . . if i go to the brain hospital, it's okay, it's worth it. if i have to go to the ER, though, it isn't. though we also have dental, with no deductible and prescriptions with no deductible. the only thing they don't cover is some of my brain medicine. well, the cover it, but it's $300 a month. i try to stay away from that particular med. anyway, what a nightmare.

the cats have been peeing on the bottom shelf of the book shelf in the entry hall. nice. if we had books there, that wouldn't happen. we finally closed off doc's room, the spare room and my bathroom and put one of the litter boxes at the end of the hall instead of in doc's room. then we've got the litter box in my room. they don't pee in my room. often. it is very rare, since they all sleep in there. then we have the 30 gallon tub/litter box in the mudroom.

i'm really starting to feel better. i think i'll do some work in the studio this weekend. i kind of left it off. and i need to finish it and move my art journal stuff out there. it's cluttering up the dining room table, and i want to use that for eating.

i'm trying to get doc to make me scrambly eggs and sausages for breakfast. scrambly eggs are scrambled eggs with cheese, garlic powder, chili powder, chopped scallions, oh, and salt and pepper. and i'll make the toast. i want toast and jam. and i've already had a bowl of cereal (3am) and blueberry muffin (7am). in fact, i'll make it. he's not feeling it. oh, wait, he just suggested nachos and we have leftover taco meat and salsa and sour cream. YES! nachos!

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