Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

and of course, ELO. why not?

i'm listening to The Arrow, a UK radio station that streams on the web. i'm so giddy.

damn, it's morning. and i didn't sleep. funny, i feel pretty good and not at all tired. i plan to stop putting off editing. now that i have no more excuses. well, one, i'm in the middle of a short but compulsory photo project. then edit. while the sun comes up.

i hope it's as warm today as it was yesterday. i opened the doors and windows around 10:30. it got up to 70. now, that's what i'm here for.

the site is all gone over and done done done., in the event you don't know. i'm proud of it for the first time in years. i didn't half ass it. i did it all the way and i made it as nice as i wanted to. it's gorgeous. everything has been tweaked just a little. and the first easter egg is in. it's in the thumbsucking section. i'm not telling where. there's a little bonus. no big deal. easter egg on an unpopular site. small deal. more fun for me than anyone else.

oh, i'm going to love British radio. i don't mind the commercials and station IDs when done in a British accent. i think i'm listening to Adult Contemporary. Beatles, Cold Play, along that jumped up vein. and of course, ELO. why not?

time for a new cuppa and maybe a smoke. this weed we just got is really good. wow. makes the time go like bandits.

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