Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

what the hell is "flomp"?

tonight's working playlist is
Abi DiFranco
Alice in Chains
10,000 Maniacs

pic your favorites and follow along to the beat.

i added all the videos to my website with the lyrics. then i added ten pages of thumbsucking pictures, including one cheesecake picture of me pouting in a plaid bra that i did for my porn modeling session years ago. i think i've added all i can without having coppermine working. once that is working, i will devote a full week to getting ALL of the cam archives up there. i can see i'm going to be needing to make more content.

MORE CAM! MORE SPOKEN WORD! HOW ABOUT A DIGITAL ART/PHOTOGRAPHY SECTION? i'm really getting into touching up photos and i have a lot of gallery ready images i'd like to show off.

thanks to the business sense and general largess of the crew at, my webhost, i have bunches of space for content. yeah, once coppermine is up and done, i'll start on an art/photography gallery. then i can show off my mad photoshop skills. because i now have mad photoshop skills. i programmed my first action today. i had to resize and frame 100 images. it worked and the whole thing was done in 10 minutes. that's an hour job. then i figured out a shortcut in dreamweaver that saved me another 20 minutes. just think how dangerous i'll be after i read the dreamweaver book. i'll be a mad web designer and photographer again.

i've given up my dream of being a pastry chef for now. i have years to do it. the school won't send me any detailed information, they want to talk to me. and i know they are really high pressure and obfuscating and i don't want to deal with that. i want the information in my hands to go over and decide in my own time. fuck them and their recruitment.

so now what? there are over a dozen open mics around the city every month. i should be getting out to them. i need a buddy to go with me. maybe a craigslist ad. what do you think?

and photography. my cameras are fine for the skills i have post production. i would one day want one with a telephoto lens, but not right now. i'm more than fine with what i have. i have yet to find a picture i've kept (i delete the misfires right off the card, they never make it to the computer) that i can't improve in some way with what i've learned.

i just have to say, Photoshop is the most amazing piece of software in the universe, as far as i know.

the head honcho at has to be the one to fix my coppermine extension of my site. i asked him a few months ago, and he has been slammin' busy ever since. i wonder if a gentle reminder with a bribe of some baked goods would help my case? i can't even imagine how busy he is, so i haven't said anything.

the majority of hits to my site every month is thousands of attempts to hack my coppermine. it's impossible to get into, not because it's that secure, but because it isn't working, but it seems to be the starter bra for the hacker crowd. i've also been getting a lot of people surfing my directories, it seems. finding all manner of obscure, no longer linked to shit to look at. i think over the last week, i've managed to delete it all, after backing it up, of course. and i changed all the names of my mp3s, so the sites stealing them are just sort of fucked now. until they have the free time to figure out the simple title pattern i used. i didn't try to make it more secure, i just wanted them all uniformed for packaging on in a torrent.

yes, i am selling the spoken word pieces as singles. in the spirit of i never expected to sell them and i'm not really in it for the money, i am putting the pieces together in a torrent and uploading it to piratebay and seeding it. i can't get in trouble, because i own it. and that makes my work available in yet another place on the web. i'm looking for full saturation. that is the main reason i put the singles on it's just another place of exposure. i think i'm on spotify, too. i also have a completely useless myspace account, with my stuff up there. everywhere. if you know of a place i can expose myself, as it were, let me know. i can't do instagram or vine because i can barely text with my phone, it's a freebie from safelink and does me fine. it just doesn't have the bells and whistles. you have to text with the number pad, i don't think you're opening your imagination to how primitive this phone is. it has five god-awful electronic ring tones. no memory card. room for 30 texts. i do have voicemail, though. no one uses it. i can't remember the last time i got a message. people call, they just don't leave messages. i think they are put off by my outgoing message. it's a Husker Du lyric: "Please leave your number and a message at the tone, or you can just go on and leave me alone". that was the least harsh of the messages i wanted to leave. doc dissuaded me from being truly nasty.

one more step with the website: verifying all the links and images and videos work and there are no spelling errors. i've been over the wording a million times, but i never know. i did as much of the text as possible in graphics. i'm all about the graphics, baby. i know writers with websites of nothing but text. big text, little text, text text text. it's hideous. it doesn't take a lot of skill to pick a similar font and make a few simple text graphics. it doesn't have to be all buttons and flomp and as few words as possible. but i save my writing for my, well, writing. i don't see the point (other than search engine optimization) of going on and on. though you may see that with the upcoming design, because i will be thinking about search engine optimization. so my front page will be redundant with text links to parts of the site. and the cam will make another appearance on the front page in a small box and i have all sorts of plans. but that is again where the graphics will be important. to break up the text. gotta have that balance, don't you see?

what the hell is "flomp"?

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