Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

this is getting interesting.

okay! it's four am and i'm up right on schedule. i'm halfway through my first cup of coffee, done with my first big glass of water, and ready to go.

i have a dozen or so images to tweak for the site and about 8 pages to tweak, then i'm done with that. then on to the editing. i will finish that today, i am determined. i have 6 hours until doc gets home from work and i plan to finish in that time.

i'm currently having a chat with another Arabic gentleman. this is getting interesting.

i feel so much better today. not quite myself, still a bit of a sniffle and sneeze, but the sore throat is gone and the headache went with it.

he's testing me with Arabic in chat. thank the maker for google translate. a very graceful language to translate. this is fun. i'm going to go do that more while fixing the site. then i'll post a link to the stuff i changed. i know you all are dying to see. it's nothing you haven't seen before. just in a different package.

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