Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i can finish these before doc gets up if i try hard enough.

i know, i know, i should be editing "Daisies", but i'm not. i'm adding video pages to my site. embedding each video i've made of spoken word on a page with the words to the piece. it looks nice. once i figure out how i'm going to do the main page of it, i'll be set. it's the same boring shit as editing would be. but i'm more in a coding mood than anything else. i'll finish "Daisies" up tomorrow and get it published. i've also decided that "Poking" needs another look. i've done several revisions of it, but i think i may need to do a final.

i want to lay down, actually. but it's ten and i have to get up to get doc ready at 10:45. so i guess i'll keep working and take a couple more sudafed. i'll lay down for a couple of hours after he leaves for work.

i have a shit load of housework to do. i haven't done any for four days now and it's looking a little sloppy in here. lucky for me, doc did all the dishes today, so all i have to do is tidy up the rest of the kitchen and that's done. it's more the living room and dining room i'm concerned with. with us being sick together and camping out on the couches, there is stuff all over the place. and the coffee table is covered with water and coffee rings and ash. it's just sloppy. i'll get it worked out when i get up.

had a chat on facespace with one of my "fans". really nice guy. he showed me a picture of his fiance, told me he was a photographer. we talked about that. i didn't get that english wasn't his first language until about halfway through, he was really good. we got tripped up talking about pop music. unusual for me to interact with anyone via chat, let alone one of the dozen masses. because of the language barrier, i didn't ask what the draw of me was to someone from his culture. i'll let that go for a while.

it's really gratifying working on my site. fixing each little thing to make the appearance perfect in any browser, swimming through code to make sure everything is clean. i really don't need Dreamweaver for this, but i'm using it because it's less time consuming that writing my own code from scratch. i can't wait to get into the newest version of Dreamweaver and the For Dummies book that goes with it. i have some basic ideas of what i want to do for kelli's site, i just can't wait to get into it. i should be there about the end of the month. my site will be done and "Daisies" and "Poking" will be edited and i can devote full time to it.

i'm giving myself plenty of time, but not too much. it's important i keep a mental list of the things i want to do and learn so that i get it all done. once i am done with kelli's site, i will move on to learning Flash. i want to make slideshows of my cam pictures in full size, instead of pages of thumbnails. once that is done, i will consider my site finally complete, for now. until the next thing. but that should take me into june. i see a lot of working out on the porch in my future as the weather warms. and out in the studio. we're going to get a wireless router so i can use the laptop anywhere in the house or out of it. as long as i have extension cords and wifi, i can do anything.

meanwhile i need to make some videos for "Daisies" and an intro to my youtube channel, promoting it. i want to sell at least one copy of it. i'm going to monetize my spoken word videos. i will prove you can make money being a poet. maybe not enough to live on, but some. or i will go down trying. i know it seems mercenary, but some people won't take me seriously until i do this. make every effort i can to commercialize my art. and i want, more than anything, to be taken seriously.

enough of a break. i can finish these before doc gets up if i try hard enough.

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