Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i just woke doc up with my nose blowing

i spent yesterday in a sleep amplified, caffeine withdrawal induced delirium. (it took me four tries to spell "delirium" right, i am too stubborn to use spell-check to fix it) i don't think i had a fever, so it can't be flu. doc went to work yesterday in spite of it and got sicker, because everyone there was sick. even his supervisor left early because sick, and he doesn't even spend that much time on the floor with the minions like doc. and doc gave it to me. i've had it since saturday-ish. it didn't hit me full-on until sunday. and i remember so bravely and so foolishly announcing i would not suffer with this, i would medicate my way through it and work.

i've gotten NO work done this week. i can't concentrate. when i'm done with this entry, i'm going to try again. at least work on my site. i have some link targets to fix. and i think i can concentrate on code better than i can concentrate on the font i'm using for "Daisies". it's a readable enough font, just not when it's been shrunk so that the page fits the screen. and that is how i'm looking at it. frankly i can't figure out yet how to change the display size. i'll work on that later.

i talked to my nana. the first thing she said was, "well, my face is disfigured". i come from a rather shallow gene pool, in so many ways. i could hardly understand what she was saying. at times i couldn't understand. i offered again to go home with her so she didn't have to do it alone, again she declined. she said it was important that i stay here and finish the book, though i told her i could do it as well from San Francisco. i can see my mom talking her out of it with stories of how unstable i am. she's petty like that. she doesn't want me to be a part of this family. i'm not doing this to spite her, though i could. fact is, i miss my nana and they've kept her from me for years. 25 in fact. she is here three times a year to visit. and they never let me know. and if it hadn't been for the stroke, i wouldn't have gotten to see her at all. that is sad. really sad. and my mom should be shamed. publicly.

i noticed yesterday that not only is Major getting transformatively fat, but he has the cutest under bite i never noticed before. the cats have been spending a lot of time climbing and sleeping on me the last few days.

i can't think of anything else to write. oh yeah, i wanted to ask the universe . . .

what is a white, atheist, female punk poet doing with a Middle Eastern/South Asian male based following? and a christian leaning one, at that. i'm getting more people following me from Egypt and Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. i'm so confused. they love me. i don't understand. one of my big referrers to my site is an Arabic Google clone, which of course i can't read. this is all very confusing to me, and strange, the one time i was ever accused of plagiarizing, it was from an Arabic poem. but that was years and years ago when i still had my poetry printed on my site.

okay, to work, before the sudafed wears off.

i am not amused by the viral video of the Demon Baby that pops up out of its carriage and scares people on the street. i much prefer the snowman that scares people. far less screaming.

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