Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

oh jaysus

my dad never called about my nana. i got another message from my mother. my nana had another stroke and her heart is all fuckered up. she is in intensive care. i can't visit her, but i can call her tomorrow. what is the basic function missing from my parents that they can't simply call me with important stuff? why must they make everything about their stupidity? oh well. i know now. that is the important thing. what is up with my nana? i'm worried. another stroke. this wasn't supposed to happen.

i somehow got myself roped into reformatting and editing "Daisies", tonight. i've been working on it all day. but i've also been working on a properly developed sick. i feel like hell. my head weighs at least 75 pounds. it is all i can do to hold it up.

i finished the Photoshop for Dummies book. i'm ready for the CSS books. i had to stop and read a portion of the Word 2010 for Dummies while editing. but those books are easy as all get out to use, if you don't have time to read the whole thing. but they are straightforward enough that you can read all the way through them without your head exploding.

there's just so much that i want to do . . . NOW. right now. this goddamned minute. and my body is not cooperating. i just want to lay down. it is actually killing me to sit here upright waiting to wake doc up. i want my pillow so badly.

i went to dye my hair today and someone had opened the package at the store and stolen the activator packets out of it. Why? what are you going to do with them? you risk getting busted for some activator that is useless without developer and toner. well, at least developer. people are so entirely stupid.

later . . .

i have decided i will NOT suffer through this sick. doc went and dealt with the judgmental pharmacy assistant, and signed his soul away and managed to secure me a packet of Sudafed. i feel so much better. i found the cocktail: two aspirin, two non-aspirin pain reliever and two Sudafed and two sniffs up each nostril of nasal spray. wow. makes all the difference. i think i can get "Daisies" edited today.

I secured an ISBN number for it, so it can be sold on i also redesigned the front and back covers. i'm glad no one but me bought a copy of it. i really half assed it. i didn't mean to, but i did. i was out sick when i did it. there is an inside joke on the cover that i will explain to you. first, the title, taken from the Doris Day song, "Don't Eat the Daisies", from a great movie. i love that song, it's probably my favorite song of all time. so that's where i got "Go Ahead, Eat the Daisies". there is a daisy on the cover. i was really lucky to find a vector file of a great daisy free on the web. okay, and the font. I used a font called "Doris Day" on the cover. so that's the inside joke. now you know. i won't tell it again for a very long time, so you have privileged information. just to settle curiosity, the font i'm using inside the book is a hand written font called "2Dumb". i decided since i had complete creative control, i should do exactly what i wanted, and i couldn't decide on a "traditional" publishing font to use, i hate them all, they are all so over-used. it vexes me that i have to use them for websites.

oh, wow, i can embed my youtube videos in my site, add that to the list of things to do. i'll put the video with the words to the poem below it. that will be cool. that involves making several pages, but hey, it will look better than sending the visitor to an outside website to view them.

okay, i feel better. doc has relinquished the laptop for the next three hours, i've got to finish editing this book and get it uploaded while i have the form open. then i'll decide what to do next. probably do the video embedding on my site. that will keep me busy for the day. oh yeah, an email alert reminds me i need to go to allpoetry and spend a few hours reviewing poetry and posting my own. so much to do. i'm glad i feel better. there is no time to do everything. i'll get the site and the books squared away and then go back to learning new things.

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